IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2009-06-12

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sepenhi! what I need to reproduce the xterm error? any place to download the 2.6 test iso? really, no idea01:12
aona sec01:30
sepenhmm I found the iso reading the backlog, thanks too01:30
sepenjust I removed xorg-font-misc-misc and xorg-font-alias on my 2.5-safe-env and xterm worked01:31
sepenI can use the control+right+click ...01:32
sepenI'll test that on 2.601:32
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juesepen: I bet font-switching does not work03:10
sepenjue, morning03:10
juehi sepen03:10
sepenhmm it worked on 2.503:11
sepen<sepen> just I removed xorg-font-misc-misc and xorg-font-alias on my 2.5-safe-env and xterm worked03:11
jueyes, I works03:11
juebut ctrl-right-click on the window and select a different font from the menu03:11
sepenyeah, it worked on 2.5 too03:13
sepenjust using a chroot environment running on a Xnest window03:13
sepenI'll try the same with 2.603:13
jueso you get a different font then and no error message?03:13
sepenI selected the 'huge' font03:14
sepenand no problems03:15
sepencould be specific to 2.6?03:15
juewithout any special configuration for xterm?03:15
sepenI don't have .Xdefaults or similars03:16
sepencan someone confirm the same?03:16
*** mike_k has joined #crux-devel03:17
juehmm, just tried that on my laptop with 2.5, doesn't work03:17
juexterm: cannot load font 10x2003:18
jueon xterm start:03:18
jueWarning: cannot convert string "nil2" to type FontStruct03:19
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juesepen: strange, I do not understand why it works for you03:28
sepenI'm using a chroot environment and a Xnest window, not sure if that could affect03:30
sepenwell anyways I'll try your test0 on a fresh install03:30
sepenI've a shuttle barebone free and ready ;D03:31
sepen(even the boss isn't near, hehe)03:31
juesepen: found a less interfering method to show the problem:03:39
juecomment the 10x20 line in /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc/fonts.alias03:39
juerun xset fp rehash03:39
juestart an xterm03:40
juectrl-right-click on the xterm window and select the huge font03:40
sepenbut I removed xorg-font-alias03:41
jue-> xterm: cannot load font 10x2003:41
sepenok, I need sometime03:41
juewell, do it on the box your are working on03:41
sepenjue, can't locate fonts.alias, I removed misc-misc and alias packages03:45
sepennah' I'll try on a fresh install03:46
sepen<jue> hmm, xterm depends on font-misc-misc and font-alias TBH03:47
sepenwe are trying to remove these dependencies, right?03:48
juetilman want's to ship 2.6 without core fonts03:48
tilmanwe would like you to reproduce the problem03:48
tilmanso please remove those two packages and see whether you can reproduce the xterm error03:48
sepenok, give sometime, I'm at office03:49
sepenops, the make_usbdisk script needs some changes for 2.6, it can't patch the init script ;D03:50
tilmanjue: well, shipping those two packages isn't that bad. as long as we don't need those adobe/bitstream type1 fonts :D03:50
sepenwell I'll try the iso on a cd03:50
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juewould help, we don't need additional packages for aterm, evilwm etc.03:52
juebut most important is the xterm problem oc03:53
juetilman: i see you grumbling about ancient crap or so ;)04:01
tilmankind of :D04:02
tilmangoogle code really sucks04:03
tilmani filed two bugs for libarchive yesterday04:03
tilmanand the email notifications on updates will only go to my gmail address04:03
tilmanwhich i don't use!04:03
sepenuse a redirection04:05
tilmani don't think gmail offers that?04:06
sepennow booting 2.6, should I install all the xorg stuff?04:07
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sepenlol /usr/bin/sleep 365d, so I think is not enough for me ;D04:18
tilmanjue: so, if we switch core/coreutils to using the xz tarball, the port might not be buildable on machines with little ram04:21
tilmanjue: the decoder guesses/estimates that it will need at most ~65 mb to decompress that archive04:21
tilmanjue: i haven't tested yet whether it really consumes that much though04:21
juehmm, that's a lot04:23
jueI guess it's the same with the xz utility?04:23
tilman==9773== malloc/free: 15,115 allocs, 15,115 frees, 68,604,887 bytes allocated.04:23
tilmanbsdtar allocated exactly 65 mb =)04:24
tilmanjue: most likely, yes04:24
tilmanjue: yes, it's the same using unxz04:26
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jueit's ok for me, even my two old i586 have 128 mb04:29
sepenofftopic question, I was wondering if could be good to add this line to setup-chroot: $ mount --bind /dev/pts /mnt/dev/pts04:29
jueand it's not a real problem to use the tar.gz instead04:29
tilmanjue: agreed04:29
tilmanjue: the libarchive bugfix was committed to their 2.7 branch, too, so hopefully we'll see 2.7.1 soon :)04:30
juesepen: why do we need that additional mount?04:31
sepenwell, Im using chroot this first time instead of compiling my own kernel04:33
sepenso it could be good for X-terms04:34
sepenbut just an idea04:34
sepenpseudo-terminal consoles04:34
sepenroot@'s password:04:35
sepenPTY allocation request failed on channel 004:35
sepenafter use my line, the problem dissapears04:36
juedoes a 'mount -t devpts devpts /mnt/dev/pts' work as well?04:40
sepenI think the right method is using --bind as used with 'dev'04:42
sepenbut I should try it ;D04:42
sepenthe fact is that we need pts IMHO04:42
juesure, but I'd prefer to mount a new and not to mount-bind the existing one04:47
sepen1sec I'll try now04:48
jueas we do it for proc and sys04:48
sepenalso we should umount all bind'ed filesystem on exit IMHO04:48
sepenjue, confirmed. your line also works fine04:49
sepenmaybe a readme note would be fine04:50
juefor what?04:50
sepen'mount -t devpts devpts /mnt/dev/pts04:50
sepenit worked too04:51
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juesepen: sorry, don't understand what you mean with the 'readme note'04:52
sepennah' forget it, anyone who installs crux should be an experienced user, so he should know it04:52
*** Guest92714 is now known as tek_04:53
sepenhmm another thing, should fstab contain a commented/example line for ext4?04:55
tilmanah, yes04:56
tilmanshould we remove the relatime stuff and hope that users will use 2.6.30 or greater?04:57
jueis it the default for .30?04:57
tilmani think i'd keep it for now04:58
juetilman: go for it, please04:58
tilmanjue: so you're in favor of removing it now?04:59
tilmansepen: i added ext4 examples05:01
jueyes, a new install will use .30, an update possibly not, but than the old fstab will be kept most likely05:04
*** treach has joined #crux-devel05:07
tilmanokay, removing.05:08
tilmanbleh, we only added it in november :D05:09
sepentilman, thanks05:09
sepenjue, yeah, rejmerge should does the trick05:10
juesepen: devpts added, thanks05:12
tilmanah fuck me05:21
tilmanforgot to update core/filesystem/.md5sum05:22
aoni upgraded my core to -test0 live last night05:22
aondidn't seem to break anything05:22
aonsame nuisances in opt as with the older glibc05:23
sepenjue, thanks to you too05:25
sepenalso I get some troubles using fb800 at boot05:25
sepen..ERROR: idle with IF=005:25
sepenany idea?05:26
sepenI'll try later with default image (CRUX, without fbuffer)05:26
sepenthe fact is that after trying to read vmlinuz and the initramfs it appears the error, but it continues without problems05:27
sepenjust a lot of shit on the screen, but it finished the boot process without problems05:27
nipuLhmm, suppose i better test the grub port with ext4 patches05:27
sepen*lot of hexadecimal numbers05:27
tilmannipuL: that would be nice05:28
nipuLi asked for testers when i updated the port, but no one did, and i've been too lazy to setup an ext4 root system05:29
tilmanoh, opt/grub already contains those patches?05:29
nipuLit does?05:30
tilmani don't know, that's why i'm asking05:30
nipuLi don't recall commiting05:31
sepenanother thing, I tried to use 2.6 as a rescue-cd by typing root=/dev/hda1 at boot, but it can't mount /dev/hda1 on /newroot05:32
sepenI'll take a look later05:33
*** jue_ has joined #crux-devel05:34
sepenohh I found the problem05:34
sepenxfs isn't compiled in the kernel05:35
sepenyou can't load modules with our actual init script05:36
sepenI talked about that sometime ago, also I wrote a patch for it ;D05:37
jue_sepen: just tested fb800 on my laptop, works for me05:39
sepenmaybe the motherboard is the problem05:39
sepenjust tested on a barebone05:39
sepenthe graphic chipset is an intel 82915G05:40
sepenjust added to my ~/todo-2.6, I'll compare it with 2.5 when having sometime,05:41
sepenjue, what about the fs-modules issue?05:41
sepenwhy we don't compile filesystem in the kernel instead of as a modules05:42
sepenI know that I should compile my own kernel during the installation but if you plain to use crux-2.6 as a rescue-cd you'll fail05:43
nipuLanyone have a 2.6 iso? 2.5 doesn't support mounting ext405:43
nipuLcheers bigears05:44
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juenipuL: there's a known bug wtr login and expired password05:51
nipuLcare to reset my password :)05:53
jueFYI, just committed a fix ->
*** sepen has joined #crux-devel06:15
nipuLgod damn kqemu06:19
nipuLi wish i had a virtualised cpu06:19
tilmantilman@centaur [/tmp] > ports -l|grep kvm06:20
tilmantilman@centaur [/tmp] >06:20
nipuLkqemu leaks like crazy and doesn't get freed until you reboot06:22
nipuLi'd like to test it on another distro, but i don;t have any spare boxes06:22
nipuLi know, it doesn't even show up as allocated memory by an app06:25
nipuLit just gets eaten up by the module06:25
*** jtnl has joined #crux-devel07:26
nipuLtilman: can you reset my password on crux for me?07:57
tilmanwhy does our ssh allow password-based login?07:59
nipuLit doesn't07:59
nipuLi need it for sudo07:59
tilmanunrelated to your question :)07:59
tilman#PasswordAuthentication yes07:59
nipuLsorry, it's late here07:59
tilmani'll just change it and see whether anyone complains08:00
tilmantek_: i'll subscribe you to the infra-team mailing list. issues related to get discussed there (seldomly)08:02
nipuLok, let's see if anyone notices the difference08:09
tilmantek_: i enabled an email alias for you. tek@08:21
*** mike_k has joined #crux-devel08:31
tilmanjue: did you invite sepen to the infra-team mailing list?08:32
tilmanjue: i noticed there still were some non-admins subscribe to that list, so i unsubscribed them08:32
tilmanclare, mike_k, sepen and some other guy i don't know about08:32
tilmanwe mentioned the archive was going to be closed08:34
tilmansince's issues aren't of anyone's business but those who look after the system08:34
sepenwhere is mentioned, on meetings?08:34
sepenI can't see that on the wiki08:34
nipuLis that code for "it's held together with bubblegum and paperclips, but we don't want anyone to know that"08:34
tilmansepen: have you ever taken part in discussions on that list?08:36
tilmani don't get why the fuck this is a problem08:36
tilmaneither cptn or i announced this MONTHS AGO08:36
sepenI repeat you again, is not a problem for me08:36
sepenjust isn't logic08:36
sepenI hate non-public lists08:37
tilmanwe don't need to discuss maintenance in public (eg on the wiki)08:37
sepenso it's perfect to me08:37
jaegerHas it caused some drama?08:37
tilmanit's causing drama right now08:37
*** jtnl has quit IRC08:38
jaegerif you turn off password-based login we'll have to rely on someone who can still log in if we lose an ssh key08:38
jaegerthough I suppose that shouldn't happen often08:38
sepenjaeger, is not password-based login IIRC, just nipuL requires it for sudo08:39
tilmanjaeger: the unsubscribing of non-admins is unrelated to the ssh password auth stuff08:39
jaegertilman: I didn't link the two, just commenting on stuff in my scrollback08:39
nipuLsepen: no, tilman wants to turn off password ssh logins08:39
jaegershouldn't cause me any problems, just need to be more careful about my ssh keys if I reinstall :)08:40
nipuLi think the chances of everyone losing their keys all at once is close enough to zero to not make it a problem08:41 is effectively unmaintained08:41
jaegeryeah, agreed08:41
tilmanif nobody gives a shit, i'll do what i think is best08:41
jaegerhaha, just noticed the magicchicken gtk engine, good stuff08:41
tilmanjaeger: mmh, i didn't mean to offend you now ;)08:41
jaegerI'm not offended, sorry if I gave that impression08:42
tilmanmy rationale is: the chance that somebody has a weak password is higher than all of the people who have a shell on the box losing they keys08:42
jaegerI have no doubt you are correct :)08:42
tilmanalso: i think all of us log in via dropbear, not sshd08:42
jaegerI use both, though I suppose there's no real reason why08:43
tilmanand dropbear has always denied password-based login08:43
nipuLand this is what you get when you put magic chicken into google images08:44
tilmanjaeger: you didn't give that impression, but i figured you might become it :D08:44
jaegeryeesh, that's creepy08:44
jaegertilman: I try not to, it's a lot of work :)08:44
nipuLit gets worse08:45
jaegernipuL: I dig the xml portdb, pretty cool09:25
sepenplease, infra-team, update this page:
sepenand maybe this page should be modified too
*** sepen has quit IRC09:51
tilmanfor fucks sake10:18
aonffs what?10:18
tilmansepen's bickering10:18
aonwho cares? :D10:20
treachtilman. :>10:20
treachnext time, creative use of a bottle?10:21
* treach steps away before _he_ gets caught in it.10:22
aonlaptop purchasing is serious biznez10:22
treachtbh, a netbook looks a lot more tempting, IMO.10:23
aonwell ys10:24
aonbut i refuse to use that word10:24
treachheh, well, it beats the other word they use for it, here at least, "mini-computer". :/10:25
aoni think i've heard something like that here too10:25
treachNo fucking way I'd want to put one of those in my bag10:25
aona minicomputer is quite a lot bigger than a microcomputer :)10:26
treachtalk about getting charged for overweight. >_<10:26
aonthere are so many of them that it's hard to decide10:26
treachalso, the fact that you basically can't get one without an expired version of windows these days is also a PITA.10:27
aoni don't care about that10:28
aonactually the problem is that i'd much rather have xpp than vb :)10:28
treachI hate paying for something I won't use, and I hate feeding the evil empire even more.10:28
aonand i'm not sure how the vista business to xp pro downgrade stuff works10:28
aonperhaps i should ask10:28
treachI was wondering what you meant with VB... "Visual Basic? WTF?"10:29
treachthen the penny dropped. :p10:29
tilmanno more linux netbooks these days?10:29
treachwell, depends, but basically, no.10:30
treachthey exist, but you can't really get one, at least not one that is anything to have.10:30
treachfor instance, Dell sells their models with ubuntu.. if you're in the US.10:31
aonbut 100e for vista  business and a gig of ram seems a bit much10:31
tilmani'd like to have a macbook air10:31
tilmanbut of course macbooks are ridiculously expensive10:31
aonand the os is crap10:32
treachMac "One USB port" Air. :>10:32
aoni'd rather have windows :)10:32
tilmanaon: i'd install linux i think :P10:32
aoncan you buy macs without the os? :)10:32
treachwell, if you're in that range, lenovo has something pretty cool too, x300?10:32
tilmantreach: i'm really not in that range :D10:33
treachme neither, but dreaming is free :p10:33
aoni wonder if asus is horrible crap10:34
aonerm not asus, acer10:34
treachafaik, YES.10:35
treachthe asus 1000H seems pretty nice, apparently you can even add up to 2GB ram in it.10:39
jaegermy acer laptop is fine, except for it having a wireless chipset that isn't well-supported yet10:39
jaegerand I have an asus eeepc 901 that works well10:39
aoni dunno about the 1024x576 resolution10:42
aonwtf needs 16:9 on a computer?10:42
aonor more specifically, is willing to exchange vertical space for horizontal10:43
treachI do.10:43
treachhaving reference material side by side is much easier if the screen is a bit wider. :p10:44
aonyeah, but that only works with high enough resolutions10:44
aonnot 102410:44
treachI guess that's true.10:44
tilmannipuL: that portdb announcement should go to the crux mailing list, too, i think. and probably also on the website :o10:47
tilmannipuL: or would you like to wait in case anyone finds a bug?10:48
jaegermine's 1024x600, it doesn't bother me10:48
tilmannipuL: anyway, hooray for merging it10:48
jaegerbut I don't use it for everything, I mostly use it when I need a small computer at the data center10:48
aoni guess it's the hp 2140, that seems like the most untoylike of them10:50
treachlooking at the price tag, one would guess so. :>10:51
aonw/ xp home and a separate 2G of ram for 30e :)10:51
treachis that 350E for the entire thing, or just the ram?10:52
* treach wonders where aon is buying..10:53
aonand that's only the second-cheapest or so10:54
jaeger350e for RAM? that'd be insane10:54
tilmanwell, it's finland...10:55
aonperhaps he's confusing with some playmoney :)10:55
treachjaeger: considering that they want 632 E for the machine here, you've got to start wondering..10:55
tilmantreach: E= euro, not eletronic play cash! ;)10:55
treachI'm not kidding10:55
jaegerwow, wonder what's up with the big gap10:55
aontreach: with xp home?10:56
jaegerI think I paid $22 USD for the extra RAM in my eeepc 90110:56
treachaon: no, VB 2GB10:56
tilmanVB=vista basic or business?10:56
* jaeger boots up 2.6.3010:56
aonoh right10:57
tilmani think i have found the hp 2140 with linux10:57
aonvista bishnuss10:57
aonand 2G10:57
tilman~380 euro for the one with linux10:58
tilmanaon: so you can't get that one with linux?10:59
aona sec10:59
treachwell, it's still pretty expensive here.11:00
aondon't seem to find that one in fi11:01
aonanyway, i don't even want that :)11:01
treach"the consumers have chosen", just like here. :>11:01
tilmanyou _want_ windows?11:01
aoni kinda have the need for a windows license11:01
aonthere's some software i would like to use11:01
tilmansure it doesn't work in wine? ;)11:01
aonanyway, if i'm going to buy a computer and get it cheaper with windows, i might as well use that11:02
aongetting a bit too old for piracy :)11:04
treachcool, if I wanted to shop around and was a MS fan, I could get a HP T64 cheaper than the mininote.. and get the privilege to buy an OEM license for ms office.11:06
treachbigger and bulkier though, so not an option.11:06
*** sepen has joined #crux-devel11:10
tilmansepen: yes, simone asked for volunteers in 2006. nobody stepped up. in 2008 we decided that we wanted to discuss issues in private.11:12
sepentilman, I found the conversation. privee ->11:13
tilmanwhy do you want to discuss that in private?11:14
sepenis not a discussion11:14
sepenbut I don't want to flood on this channel11:14
aon treach what's a hp t64?11:15
aondamn space in the start of the line11:15
treach4GB ram, 2GB not mounted, possibilty to put in 8..11:17
aoni don't want such a large machine, that's pretty much the point here :)11:18
treachyeah, as I said, it's bigger and bulkier.11:18
treachbut I'm pretty sure it could run crux pretty nicely. ;)11:18
treachthat said, I'm also rather confident that it's a great deal lighter than my thinkpad..11:20
aonseems about the same size as my current 6720s11:30
aonwhich is way too big11:30
treachyep. wasn't trying to sell you one, just pointing out that you pay a lot for the form factor. :)11:32
aonno i don't :)11:32
aonas there is one source for 6735B and it costs 823e there11:33
aonand the swedish one is almost twice the price of a finnish 214011:33
treachaye, those minis cost an arm and a leg. :/11:34
aonwonder if i should go buy some beer11:35
aonit's a beer kind of an evening11:35
treachkillakillkenny. :p11:36
aoni've been secretly amused about the bartender in one place i go to, every time you order kilkenny he repeats it as "kill kenny" and pours you one11:37
aonsome of the customers might get that wrong11:37
aonanyway bbiab ->11:37
juetilman: sorry, don't remember11:54
*** jue has quit IRC12:46
*** treach has quit IRC14:14
*** treach has joined #crux-devel14:16
prologicyou guys reckon you could get crux installed on a Cray Cx1 ?14:40
tilmancrays still exist/work? ;)14:40
prologicof course14:41
prologicthe Cx1 is cray's newest product14:41
prologica desktop sized supercomputer14:41
prologicusing Intel Xeon processors (8 blades/nodes)14:42
prologicI would imagine CRUX should run on it14:42
tilmani thought cray was out of business for ages14:42
prologicno absolutely not14:43
prologicthey still build some of the world larger supercomputers14:43
jaegerit should, yeah14:43
prologicyeah that's what I thought14:43
prologicfrom my readings... you'd be installing crux 8 times right ?14:43
prologicacross it's 8 nodes (blades)14:43
prologicI'm not sure if it has it's own os and you'd install vms (as you do with some)14:44
jaegerno idea, never used something like that14:51
jaegerI'm guess you could go either way14:51
prologicit's hard to tell without reading a lot of materia :)14:52
prologicI hate reading :)14:52
*** Rotwang has joined #crux-devel14:58
pedja"The Cray CX1 system ships pre-configured with Windows HPC Server 2008"14:59
prologicyer "preconfigured"15:00
prologicyou can have it with RHEL15:00
prologicI would imagine you coudl buy it with no OS on it :)15:00
pedjabuilding it looks easy enough...15:05
tek_tilman: great, I already tried (unsuccessfully) contacting maverick15:06
tilmanabout what?15:06
tek_rescue system15:07
tek_or smth. similar15:07
tilmanthere isn't one15:07
tilmansimone got back to me15:07
tilmanhe said he used to run pkgadd -u on the live system15:07
tek_so we're garuanteed to have fun15:07
tek_so I will clone the locally to make sure everything works fine15:07
tilmandoes anyone else do that, btw?15:08
tek_I did.15:08
tilmani'm feeling a bit uneasy about it :D15:08
tek_well I'll clone it and we'll see15:08
tilmani guess you'd start by updating glibc, then pkgutils15:08
tilmantek_: great, thanks15:08
prologicpkgadd -u - to recover a broken system ?15:09
tilmanto update from crux x.y to crux x.(y+1)15:09
prologicincluding new toolchain ?15:09
prologicI've done this before (entirely over the internet)15:10
tek_kids: don't try this at home15:10
jaegertilman: if you need any help just say so15:12
jaeger(I have not done it myself, just offering)15:12
tilmanjaeger: will do, thanks :)15:12
tilmanjaeger: i intend to make tek do all the work anyway :D15:12
prologicalso if you need help lemme know :)15:14
prologicI at least have successfully done it without breaking the system :)15:14
prologicI do have to say though - it is much easier with a cdrom and a cd :)15:15
tek_so I may ask for your help, too? *g*15:15
tilmanif it fails, we can always ask rehabdoll to make a trip to the data center15:16
tek_and tilman can come over to eat my skin alive (as thrice suggested during my contrib application)15:16
prologicas long as you don't screw up the toolchain15:16
prologicyou won't need to :)15:16
tilmani'm not worried about binutils/gcc, but i'm worried about glibc ;)15:17
prologicthat's what I mean :)15:17
prologichowever binutils/gcc are just as impoartnt ;)15:18
tek_I'm quite optimistic15:18
prologicjaeger, I want a Cx1 :)15:19
jaegerI want to play with it when you get one :P15:19
prologicdeal :)15:20
prologicreckon I could rent it out ?15:20
prologicafter a successful implementations of those steps15:23
prologicjust pkgadd -u all the new packages15:23
prologicrejmerge, dbl-check everything and reboot15:23
tilmanwe don't want to rebuild from ports15:23
tilmanwe want to install the packages from the 2.5 iso15:24
prologicI've not ever done that15:24
prologictheoetically you should be able to pkgadd the appropiate packages15:24
prologicand do the same steps (just without the compiling)15:24
*** jtnl has joined #crux-devel15:26
tek_first I will have to figure out where the $STUFF is stored15:27
tilmanwhat stuff?15:27
tek_mailman, mails(? dig -t MX suggests nowhere), user files, repositories and all other stuff15:28
tilmanuser files are where they are supposed to be ;)15:29
tilmanmailman is in /usr/mailman15:29
tilmangit repos and all other stuff is in ~crux15:30
tek_I don't want to transfer the bulk of these things to my box. btw: how '100 Mbitish' is line?15:30
tek_ssh sessions do lag like hell (for me)15:30
tilmanit probably suffices if you set up a crux 2.4 in qeu/vbox15:30
tilmanand try the update to 2.5 in there15:30
tilmanno idea about the bandwidth15:31
treachtek_: I think charlie will be upset if you kill their bandwidth. :>15:31
tek_yeah but finally I'd be better off testing git-web, apache and the other stuff (what's taht dropbear thingy for :P), too15:31
tek_treach: figures'd be great :>15:31
tek_don't wanna find out the hard way :o15:31
treachwell, I remember him complaining quite a bit about their connection in the past.15:32
treachand about getting lag.15:32
treachso it's probably not that great to start with15:32
treachapparently they run some kind of gaming cafe or what the heck it's called, so I *really* don't think they'd like to have their link saturated15:33
*** jue has joined #crux-devel15:37
juetilman: IIRC the idea behind the use of dropbear was to have two different modes for git and normal shell access15:49
juegit without password, rest with15:49
jaegeralso because of the sshd throttle they have going on upstream15:49
tek_k, jue15:50
juejaeger: yeah, right, I remember now15:50
jueFWIW, I always update my gateway box here life with pkgadd15:51
juethe only special thing I have is a static linked dropbear15:52
juebut that's just to be on the save side15:52
juean very important is to look at the bottom of this -> ;-)15:53
jueTBH my update script is something like this:15:58
juefor p in {core,opt}/*; do echo -n $p; pkgadd -u $p; echo ""; done15:58
juesounds strange but never run in troubles16:00
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nipuLwee, almost have install rules working in pkgutils620:16
nipuLor not :[20:41

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