IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2009-06-13

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mike_knipuL: I see you run cgit with nginx... what's in the middle? between nginx's fastcgi and cgit's cgi parts?04:30
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nipuLa perl script04:54
mike_k_ah, that one...05:00
mike_k_nipuL: thanks05:00
nipuLthen add fastcgi_pass unix:/var/run/nginx/cgiwrap-dispatch.sock;05:00
nipuLseems the preferred way is a new c based cgi wrapper05:06
nipuLi might give it a go05:06
mike_k_I am not sure which is more hackish though =)05:09
nipuLcrap, out of beer05:19
* tilman turns on the emergency siren05:19
nipuLi could go get some more, but that would require begging the wife to let me05:20
nipuLand she's already pissy at me for spending all day teying to get dspam working rather than studying05:21
nipuLso i don't like my chances05:21
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tek_does anyone know why soft-raid5 is not available on crux-2.4 installation?14:36
tilmansaw your question, but i cannot answer it :|14:41
tek_okay, thx anyway14:42
jaegerprobably just because it wasn't requested back then14:42 uses raid5, though14:43
tek_I tried to resemble the current setup locally :)14:43 is kinda a beast, though, it didn't start out as 2.414:45
tilmansimone did at least one update14:46
jaegersip, I think14:47
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tilmanevening jue15:01
juefinally found something about dropbear and :)15:06
juesometimes it's good to have old irc logs15:08
tilmani have a feeling something's wrong with :D15:38
tilmanjue: could you fetch/push as usual?15:39
tilmani suspect the initial ssh handshake is taking ages15:39
tilmanthen again...15:40
tilmani edited my ~/.ssh/config yesterday to try whether i could connect to on port 2215:40
juetilman: yeah, works fast as usual15:41
tilmanyeah, making ssh use port 2222 again fixed it :]15:43
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juetilman: to get it right, we only need lzma support in libarchive if we replace tar by bsdtar in pkgmk?17:15
jueand, if we do it, that will blow up pkgadd with around 225K (the size of liblzma.a)17:19
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