IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2009-06-14

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tilmancrap, i fucked up that 2nd mail06:34
tilmanlet's see who will spot the error :]06:34
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mike_k_tilman: seems MB numbers differs significantly from what is shown above06:40
tilmanit _seems_ we cannot blame it all on liblzma though06:40
tilmanif i only pull in tar and gzip, i get a 1.5M binary06:41
tilmanso still a little bit larger than the stock binary06:41
tilmanno idea why :|06:41
mike_k_while it would be nice to know why, I don't really care for a few hundred KiB here. it is not an embedded distro and not the kernel size.06:42
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nipuLare we moving to .pkg.tar.xz?07:31
nipuLoh, never mind i see the problem07:32
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jaegerI've got zero problem with supporting xz/lzma both in sources and packages10:46
jaegerit's nice to have options for those who are truly obsessive about space10:46
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tek_tilman: LZMA is not in use anymore? 2.6.30 just introduced LZMA compression for the kernel :P13:58
Rotwangbut kernel image is still called bzImage14:00
Rotwangor I'm missing sth14:01
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jaegerIt is still called bzImage, not sure what's up with that14:33
aonlzma is dying14:34
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tilmanjaeger: big zipped image14:43
tilmanstill applies ;)14:43
tek_aon: I heard of it the first time only months ago. wtf..15:24
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jaegertilman: heh, fair enough :)19:26
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jaegerSo what came of that discussion recently about leaving NLS installation up to pkgadd.conf?22:05

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