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jaegerAny idea why tar would not honor permissions on an extract? no compression, just a .tar file, extracted with xpvf09:34
jaegerthe permissions are stored in it properly, I can list the files in the archive and see the right thing09:34
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tilmanjaeger: crux' tar or randomothersystem's tar?10:31
tilmanwe still have a patch that fiddles with permissions *somehow* :D10:31
mike_k_or could be that underlying fs does not support permissions storage o_O10:33
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aonor some(one|thing) changes them between extract and ls :)10:36
tilmanjaeger: if it's a crux system, you could try bsdtar and see whether it has the same behaviour10:37
jaegerI haven't tried bsdtar yet bit gnu tar on both crux and gentoo did it10:37
jaegerthe underlying fs is reiserfs10:38
tilmanjaeger: you didn't forget about umask, did you?10:42
jaegerit's 0022, I haven't changed it10:43
jaegerI said permissions earlier, I meant owner/group10:43
jaegerbut still10:43
tilmanyeah, i thought maybe you forgot that the final permissions are ANDed with umask10:44
aonnot with p10:44
aonjaeger: extracting as root? :)10:46
jaegerand p is the default when extracting as root, though I tried with and without just to test10:47
jaegerok, same result on reiserfs and xfs10:48
jaegerI wonder if the archive is somehow broken10:48
jaegerok, trying bsdtar now10:50
jaegertakes a while to remove the failed extract, it's a big archive10:50
aonfwiw, i'm not sure it's even supposed to10:51
aondoesn't preserve owner/group here either10:51
aonand the man says10:51
aon       -p, --same-permissions, --preserve-permissions10:51
aon              ignore umask when extracting files (the default for root)10:51
aonnothing about uid/gid10:51
jaegerooh, maybe I misread the man page10:52
jaegerthanks for pointing that out, I'll take another look10:52
aonalthough hmmh10:52
aon       -o, --no-same-owner10:52
aon              extract files with owner set to current user (the default for non-root users)10:52
jaeger--same-owner extract files with owner as specified in archive (the default for root)10:52
jaegerso I'm still stumped10:54
jaegerI wonder if --numeric-owner would help10:55
tilmanhow does han's sh-based pkgadd install packages?10:55
jaegersince the uid/gid don't match on this system (but they DO exist)10:55
aonexcept well10:55
aoni archived as aon and unpacked as root on the exact same system10:56
jaegerIt never occurred to me that tar would expect names, not ids10:56
aonand they still got root ownership10:56
jaegerI need to stop using xfs for workstations10:56
jaegerso slow10:56
jaegeramusing note (though NOT unexpected): extracting the same archive with bsdtar and gnu tar at the same time to different directories on the same disc takes a LOT longer than 2x11:14
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jaegerooh, bsdtar looks like it did the right thing, waiting on the gnu tar one to finish with --numeric-owner11:18
tilmanbsdtar rocks11:19
jaegerlooks that way :)11:21
jaegerI begin to think that tar fails to set ownership/permissions because of an error during extract11:25
jaegertar: ./var/log/lighttpd/.keep_www-servers_lighttpd-0: Cannot hard link to `./var/lib/lighttpd/.keep_www-servers_lighttpd-0': No such file or directory11:26
jaegergoing to lunch, will play with it more afterwards11:27
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jaegerok, gnu tar won't even do the right thing if I only extract certain individual files12:14
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