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prologicinitial opinions ?03:44
prologicI may or may not be working for these people03:44
aonslightly hard to say based on the website04:05
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prologicthat's what I thought04:08
prologicit's certainly nothing fantastic04:08
prologic"Your html belongs to us"04:08
prologicvery lame and bold statement tbh04:08
prologicalso I find some of their claims and statements of experience just rubbish04:08
prologicbut oh well04:08
prologicbit of crux here and crux there04:09
prologicpython in that and python in this04:09
prologicand I'll have it up to scratch in not time at all :)04:09
aon"kernel tweaking for optimum performance"04:16
pitiIIowhat does hr mean, aon?04:18
pitiIIoaon: thank you, good link. I was looking for an irc acronym.04:33
tek_<hr />05:43
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prologicwhat a pos of a car :)08:11
nipuLis this going to turn into a ford v. holden debarcle08:12
prologiclol hell no08:13
prologicI'd drive a prche :)08:13
prologicor an RX808:14
prologicrotary engine08:14
prologicif I could drive that is :)08:14
prologic(bit of a blindness issue here!)08:14
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aonwhat next, audio tips from the deaf?08:51
aon(no offense)08:51
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tilmanaon: none taken11:28
tilmani *really* should make an appointpoint with an eye doctor ;)11:28
prologicshaddup all of you :)11:33
prologicpick'n on the blind guy11:33
prologicshame on you :P11:33
tilmannot really picking on you11:34
prologicit's ok :)11:34
aontilman: ~-5 here11:48 not really that good here either11:48
aon(are eyesight crappiness measurements standard?)11:48
tilmanat least -5 makes sense tome11:49
aonyeah, i guess11:50
prologicooh new virtualbox out11:50
prologicI don't even know what ~~5 means11:52
prologichere it's measued like this 20/20 (normal sight - no problems)11:52
prologicme 1/6011:52
tilmani don't know what exactly -5 means either ;D11:53
aondioptres are lens measurements11:53
aon1/focal length11:53
aoni guess it tells how much the focus point needs to be away from your retina11:55
aonor something11:55
aonthat makes sense11:58
aoni think they usually use 1.0 instead of 20/20 here12:01
prologicthen I would be 0.0166612:02
prologicif that's the case12:03
aonyeah, blind is >0.0512:03
aon<0.05 ofc12:03
prologicthere is probably biological studies to this12:04
prologicI have no visual memory left whatsoever these days12:04
aonare you using braille?12:04
prologicI lost my sight at 21, no time to learn new things :)12:06
prologicbraille too hard :)12:06
prologicI just use ezoom with compiz ;)12:06
prologicjaeger's compiz ports are very very important to me :)12:06
prologicjaeger, you hear ;)12:06
prologicI did try a more recent version of compiz 0.7 (I think)12:06
prologicbut ti was quite buggy and crashed often12:07
prologicso still using 0.6.2 here12:07
prologicjaeger, any news on compiz - tested later versions at all ?12:07
prologicI'm still waiting on them to implement keyboard cursor tracking in ezoom12:08
jaegerI haven't used compiz in quite some time12:08
prologicsuch a sorely missed necessity for blind person(s)12:08
jaegerI don't even know if I have those ports anymore12:08
prologiccan I encourage you to ? :)12:08
prologicyou do :)12:08
prologicI use them12:08
prologicand rely/depend on them :)12:08
prologicoh dear god12:10
prologicdid you remove them ?12:10
prologicI cannot find these ports now12:10
jaegeryeah, a while back =/12:10
prologicoh god12:10
prologicdid you have your repo under revision control ?12:10
prologicplease recover those!12:10
jaegerThey weren't very complicated12:10
prologicpass em over here at least :)12:10
jaegeryeah, let me install subversion and I'll send you copies12:11
prologicI use all 8 ports12:11
prologicI'd rather not write them all from scratch :)12:11
prologicthank you!12:11
jaegerfair enough12:11
jaegerI didn't realize anyone was using them, hadn't heard any comments in a long time12:11
prologicdoesn't anyone in the crux community use compiz ?12:11
prologicI have an excuse for using it obviosuly12:11
prologicdoes it not appeal to "normally sighted" person(s) ?12:12
prologicjaeger, no comments - because they worked so brilliantly :)12:12
strawI like it simple without any effects12:12
prologicok so now you're hearing comments - I depend on them for my computer (without I woudl be scrwed) :)12:12
jaegercompiz appeals to me from an aesthetically appealing standpoint but can cause issues with other 3d applications12:13
prologicahh ic12:13
prologicsuch as (btw) ?12:13
prologicI've not had issues with it with anything I use12:13
prologicbut then I'm not a 3d gamer or 3d deve/user of any kind12:13
prologicwhy would I be :P :)12:13
* prologic can just see himself creating visually aesthetically pleasing artwork! yay me!12:14
aoni once saw photographs edited by a colourblind person12:14
prologicfunnily when I went to Holland for the '07 world championships (100/200m sprinting) with the australian team12:15
prologicI took this amazing photo of the lake nearby where we were staying of a morning when the sun was rising12:15
jaegermost of the time no problems but occasionally I'd have X crash or graphical corruption when playing a game or something12:15
prologicit was a near perfect reflection in the sky and on the lake12:15
prologicI framed it :)12:15
prologicblah I type too fast :)12:15
prologicjaeger, if you're not carful - I sometimes get compiz crashing horribly - (mostly if you switch windows too fast I've observed)12:16
prologicbut other than that I don't get much issue12:16
prologicsome SDL games can crash X with compiz running I've noticed12:16
prologicQ: What do you guys need from me in order to put my personal repo back up on the list of repos users can use ?12:19
jaegerwhich ports do you need? compiz* and ccsm?12:20
jaegerhrmm, no idea who's in charge of the repo db now, I think viper's gone12:20
prologicjaeger, one sec12:21
prologicand any deps (if any) you also maintained12:21
prologicI can't check here now :)12:22
prologicdanke ville12:23
prologicdnoe and imported12:24
prologicman vbox is awesome :)12:26
prologicjust a great piece of software12:26
* jaeger continues building gnome12:35
Rotwangjaeger: nice i was going to make my own ports12:35
Rotwangcompiz ports12:36
jaegerI guess it's more popular than I thought12:38
prologicindeed :)12:40
prologicRotwang, I just imported 0.6.2 versions from jaeger (thank you) into my repo12:40
prologicwhich heopfully I'll get online and start actively maintaining ports again12:40
Rotwang0.6.2 are quite old. no?12:40
prologicbut work12:43
prologicthe last time I tried more recent versions - they were quite buggy12:43
prologicyou're welcome to try later versions12:43
prologiclemme know if everything works ok :)12:43
Rotwangk [;12:46
Rotwangim wondering if it will work with my radeon driver12:47
Rotwangand card12:47
prologicit's driver independent12:47
prologicas long as all your 3d stuff works12:47
prologicif you can get glxgears working12:47
prologiccompiz will work just fine12:47
prologicit's true :)12:48
prologicI've used it on nvidia and radeon cards :)12:48
tilman"glxgears working" -> "compiz working" is a lie12:48
tilmanwith compiz, your desktop must not be greater than the max texture size that your card supports eg12:48
tilmanwhich is absolutely unrelated to glxgears12:48
prologicshows you how much I know :)12:53
prologicthank you tilman12:53
prologicthis is where I start to really miss dual and quad core machines13:10
prologica vbox vm (crux) doing a sysup13:10
prologicand other stuff going on in the host just dont' play nicely :)13:10
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jaegeryay, back up and running in gnome15:45
jaegeron x86_64 multilib :)15:46
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nipuLjaeger: welcome to the dark side :)19:27
jaegernipuL: I pushed a few ports updates to my git repo21:47
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