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nipuLsepen: cheers03:46
sepennipuL, IIRC tek was the one who reported the portdb issue03:47
juesepen: by chance I saw this ->
juelots of security fixes03:50
sepenjue, did you see my change in TODO-2.6?04:44
juesepen: yes, saw it04:46
juesepen: there was a discussion in crux-devel about that IIRC04:48
sepenjust testing it at home since saturday04:48
juesepen: would be helpful if you provide a start-script and a default config-file in your port04:48
sepenjue, hmmm can't remember it04:48
sepenyep, that would be nice, just I need some more tests, maybe today ;D04:49
sepenalso I need to test the xterm thing04:49
sepenjue, thanks for the adobereader notes, now its updated :D04:52
juesepen: one important thing is to have the module enabled that gives us the klogd functionality04:53
juefine, thanks for the update04:53
sepenjue, did you remember when was the discussion (aproximately)?04:54
sepenthis month?04:54
jueno, guess it was before 2.504:55
juesepen: found it ->
sepenah wasn't in -devel04:58
sepenwell I'll do more tests today in my 2.6-test0 installation05:00
juesepen: the syslog-ng part is still valid, that's the reason why we moved the hardcoded syslog configuration to rc.conf05:01
juebut, well, I have no strong opinion here05:03
jue if you provide a complete replacement for our sysklogd port, a decision would be easier05:05
sepenyeah, I'll try05:06
sepennow getting the one attached by predatorfreak in the ML05:06
sepenrc.multi, rc.single, etc. are using $SYSLOG so, I think it shouldn't be so difficult05:07
jueyeah, as I said above it's easy to switch to another log system05:08
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sepenjue, /etc in empty in yout test0 iso08:42
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jaegertrying to do a merge test in git but can't seem to get a merge using git pull from a remote repository with a different branch name09:16
sepenjaeger, maybe you could use our contrib-test.git repository for doing some tests09:17
jaegermaybe I need another branch09:17
sepenthat would be fine for helpout people too09:17
jaegersepen: I wouldn't want to clutter it up when I can do it locally :)09:17
jaegermaybe when I understand git more09:18
sepenjaeger, iirc it should be git pull . <remote-url>09:22
jaegeryeah, that seems to be the case but somehow I'm not making it work properly09:23
jaegerthere's an example in the git-remote manpage that shows what I think I want to do but following it doesn't work09:24
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jaegerIf I do a "git remote add" and then "git remote" I see the new one listed... but "git fetch" doesn't fetch anything from it09:34
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jaegerah, ok, figured it out10:38
tilmantek_: that's okay. xcb is an _optional_ dependency10:49
tilmantek_: -> people who build without xcb don't get MISSING files, but people who build with xcb get NEW files. that's better than the other way around10:49
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juetilman: any news wrt pkgutils?11:10
tilmanjue: i was wondering...11:10
tilmani could push an pkgutils update now11:10
tilmanthat a) uses bsdtar to extract dist archives11:10
tilmanand b) only accepts tar.gz _packages_11:11
tilmanbut since core/libarchive is still at 2.7.0 which doesn't extract some dist archives yet...11:11
tilmani thought maybe we should delay all that til 2.7.1 is out11:11
jueyeah, make sense if that is not too long in the future11:12
jueanother open point is lvm support during install, my problem here is that I don't use it.11:16
tilmanme neither11:17
tilmantek_: lvm support for crux setup? :)11:17
juehave you seen the patch to rc at contrib/lvm2?11:17
tilmanlooking at it now11:17
tilmandoesn't seem too bad11:17
juean not a big issue to include that statements conditionally11:19
tilmani guess... though i don't know anything about lvm ;D11:19
juethough about something like test -x /sbin/dmsetup && /sbin/dmsetup mknodes11:20
juebut, well, we need help obviously11:21
juetilman: please read the channel-log of today, I had a short discussion with sepen wrt rsyslog/sysklogd11:29
tilmanjue: you're suggesting to replace sysklogd with rsyslog?11:31
jueno, sepen do it11:31
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tilmansepen: you're experimenting with rsyslog?11:32
tilmanjue: so, how about moving core/{tar,cpio} to opt and tell people to use bsdtar/bsdcpio ? :D11:38
mike_kI was positive about testing lvm iso some time ago, but after changing a work I don't have spare hardware to test it all well11:38
sepentilman, I'm playing these days11:39
tilmanjue: mostly kidding :)11:40
tilmansepen: cool11:40
mike_ktilman: regarding tar and cpio: I hope that won't brake to many scripts expecting GNU versions?11:40
tilmanmy idea was to make the change and wait and see if anyone complains11:41
juetilman: hmm, would possibly work if we rename bsdtar/bsdcpio to tar/cpio, but than we have a conflict with opt/{tar,cpio}11:48
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juemaybe better to defer it until 3.0 :)11:49
tilmanhehe, okay11:49
juesepen: the empty /etc is a leftover from our old ISO stuff and empty since 2.3 or so11:51
sepenyeah it seems that11:52
juesepen: fix that in the meantime, thx for the report11:52
sepennp. well, now I'm upgrading the other desktop I have to 2.611:52
sepenwhat I should do to test the xterm issue?11:52
sepenshould I remove the other xorg-related stuff before?11:53
jueremoving xorg-font-alias should be enough11:54
sepenand the misc-misc?11:55
juexterm refers to the fonts via the alias, removing the misc font is not necessary IMO11:56
sepenok, it compiled fine (without -font-alias) in my safe-env but now trying a complete test on my other pc11:58
sepenafter upgrade, the rejmerge returns me that for /etc/shadow12:09
sepenany idea?12:09
juesure, man 5 passwd12:11
jueerr, man 5 shadow12:12
jueI guess you've added the messagebus user manually12:13
jueand locked the password at this12:13
juemaybe the pre-install script of dbus?12:15
sepenyep, it seems that12:15
sepennah' just wondering if that could affect in some way to 2.612:16
juenipuL: the pre-install script of dbus is no longer needed, because the messagebus user is in our default /etc/passwd since 2.512:17
sepenat least for 2.6, so someone could update 2.4 to 2.5 and then install dbus the first time12:23
sepenjue, after upgrade to 2.6, I removed the -alias port and updated xterm from 2.6's ports, it compiled fine and also I can run the application without problems, maybe I forget something?12:25
juehave you tried to change the font with the ctrl-right-click menu?12:27
sepenit worked12:27
sepenall font sizes worked for me, and also the utf8 option12:28
juehmm, maybe the old alias' are cached12:29
juetry restarting x12:29
sepenjust the only difference I think is that I'm still running a 2.6.27.x kernel on this box12:29
sepenohh now12:31
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juesepen: so we have to ask tilman to add font-misc-misc and font-alias again ;)12:52
sepenwell, I'm playing now with /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults/XTerm12:53
sepensorry, I need more time to learn about that12:53
juethe only thing I'd do there is to replace the call of adobe-helvetica12:54
sepenyeah, -fixed could be better imho12:55
juethe other fonts are more than BASICS and should be included IMO12:56
sepenanyways I think that we need font-aliases to work VT Fonts12:56
tilmani suggest to make xterm Depend On font-misc-misc, font-alias12:57
tilmanthen those packages will end up on the iso "automatically"12:57
juewell, we have to add it to packages.xorg12:59
sepenI'll push my changes into 2.5 too12:59
sepenis someone merging 2.5 to 2.6?13:00
juedone 1 hour ago for core/opt13:02
tilmanjue: sorry, i thought 'make foo-dependencies' updated packages.xorg, too13:16
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