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nipuLi may have to hang up the reigns on crux for a while, i really need to focus on my study for the next 6 months with as few distractions as possible06:25
strawAnyway, good luck with your studies and exams!07:01
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tilmantek_: not really there12:58
tek_ok, we *gotta* talk about cryptsetup/lvm I feel12:59
tilmanah yes, that would be nice12:59
tilmantonight is bad though12:59
tilmandidn't have dinner yet, but have a headache :P12:59
tek_but currently my company filed for bankruptcy and I plan to study fulltime so there are some things to organize12:59
tek_then go and get something to drink + food :)13:00
tek_brb sooner or later :)13:03
jaegerthis is amusing:13:53
jaegergcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I../.. -I../.. -I../../utils Your gcc does not even support i386 for -march and -mtune. -O2 -march=x86-64 -pthread -Wall -Wunused -Wmissing-prototypes -Wmissing-declarations -Wpointer-arith -Wcast-align -Wwrite-strings -Wcast-qual -MT build_sub22_mests.lo -MD -MP -MF .deps/build_sub22_mests.Tpo -c build_sub22_mests.c  -fPIC -DPIC -o .libs/build_sub22_mests.o13:53
jaegerunsurprisingly this invocation of gcc causes problems13:53
Rotwangi think its the "Your gcc does not even support i386 for -march and -mtune." part that is responsible for it ;D13:58
jaegerI think you may have something there :)13:59
sepen -march=x86-64 -> that shouldn't be -march=x86_64 ?14:15
jaegerx86_64 is invalid14:16
sepenno idea which is the right triplet14:16
jaegerbut the weird part is that this is the same gcc that I'm using on my workstation as well (the failed one is on the laptop)14:16
jaegerI have no idea why it would behave differently there14:16
jaegeranyone else seen this before?14:18
sepenmaybe differences between cpu14:18
jaegerIt is a different CPU but both of them should work fine with x86-64 generic14:18
jaegerthis happens while compiling mjpegtools, for what that's worth14:19
jaegergoogle doesn't turn up much help here :( very few results and only 1 in english14:25
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nipuLis it just breaking with mjpegtools?18:43
jaegerso far, yes, and only on one machine18:44
nipuLis it the port from contrib?18:44
jaegerfrom your 2.5-multilib branch of it18:45
nipuLhmm, i get a different error18:46
jaegerwhat do you get?18:46
nipuLcc1plus: warning: comman line options "-Wmissing-prototypes" is valid for C/ObjC but not for C++18:46
nipuLi'm thinking the code is incomaptible with the new gcc18:47
nipuLlet me get this straight, you have 2 64bit machines, and it builds on one?18:50
jaegerone of them is an amd64, one is an intel, both are dual core18:51
nipuLi don't have a 2.5 machine to test on18:51
jaegertechnically I have 3 and it only bombs on the one18:51
jaegerit built fine on this machine, too, which is an amd6418:51
jaegerthe problem one is my laptop (the other amd64)18:51
nipuLbroken toolchain?18:51
nipuLdo the all have the same settings in pkgmk.conf?18:52
jaegerbroken toolchain is possible, though everything else builds fine so far... same pkgmk.conf18:54
nipuLtried -j1?18:57
jaegeryes, same result18:57
nipuLwell nothing jumps out there18:58
nipuLthe laptop is multilib?18:58
nipuLand their all using the same packages?18:58
jaegersame ports tree, at least18:59
jaegernot same packages since it didn't build there :)18:59
jaegerI can install the one built on my intel box and it seems to work fine18:59
jaegerjust can't seem to build it18:59
nipuLand everything else builds fine?18:59
jaegeryeah, haven't had any others bomb19:00
jaegerit's very odd19:00
nipuLodd indeed19:00
nipuLi was going to try it on my vps which is running multilib 2.5, but the depends list is too long19:01
jaegeryeah, no worries19:02
jaegerI'll try rebuilding my toolchain19:02
nipuLthat's probably what I'd be trying next aswell19:03
jaegerwhat's the right order for that again? binutils, glibc, gcc?19:03
nipuLor was that implied?19:04
jaegerI assume you mean glibc, not glib, but yeah, I included that in the glib part19:05
jaegerer... glibc19:05
jaegerheh, you've got me doing it19:05
nipuLit's this damn keybard19:05
nipuLkey response is terrible19:06
nipuLi have a ergoforce keyboard, but that's ps/2 and I'm using a usb kvm switch atm19:07
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