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sepenjue, really I didn't have enough time for playing with rsyslog, just started with the config yesterday, what as I said I was too tired (due to the office's work), many thanks for your notes03:11
sepenoops, wrong channel03:12
sepenwell I prefer this one for talking about rsyslog ;D03:12
jueright, didn't noticed that we are at #crux03:15
jueyou've seen the template line in my config?03:16
sepenyeah, I think I saw on the rsyslog page something similar03:17
sepento avoid using our own templates03:17
juesure, it's from there03:18
sepenwell after investigate a bit, I think that rsyslog is really powerful for production boxes03:18
jueas far I can see with that the log is the same as with old syslog03:18
sepenyour config it's perfect imho03:18
sepenjust I'll try when arrived at home03:19
jueah, forgot one point03:19
sepenor maybe I'll try here on a vbox if having sometime03:19
juewithout the $FileCreateMode files are created with 64403:20
jueold syslogd did that with 640, which seems better for me03:20
sepenwhy we need DirCreateMode 0755?03:21
sepen0750 would be nice too, no?03:21
juewell, /var/log itself is 755 and IIRC it's the same with syslogd03:23
sepenhmm yeah03:23
sepenjue, did you test the rotatelog with rc4-stable?03:25
juewhat's rc4-stable?03:25
sepensorry 4.2.0 (v4-stable) ;D03:25
jueno, just spent an hout yesterday to get it working basically03:26
sepenok, I'll try03:27
sepenalso I want to add this line:03:27
sepenlocal7.*                                                /var/log/boot.log03:27
sepenwhat do you thing? with that we could remove some stuff from /etc/rc03:27
sepenI mean this line: '/bin/dmesg > /var/log/boot'03:28
sepennot tested yet, but it should work03:28
juecurrently we have the only last boot message in /var/log/boot, which is a good thing IMO03:33
juehrr, my typing is horrible today03:34
sepenmine is worst, so I can understand your typing ;D03:35
sepenyeah, to save boot messages from a daemon which could be dissabled by editing rc.conf is not a great idea03:35
sepenlater jue03:36
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tilmanjue: pong10:30
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tilmannipuL: want me to bump opt/pycairo?11:19
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sepenjue, rsyslog works fine here on my second box11:52
sepenalso I tested 'rotatelog' by running /etc/cron/syslog and it worked fine too ;D11:53
sepenthen, I updated the port in my private repo11:54
juetilman: you've seen my mail to crux-devel?12:04
tilmanmy imap watcher/notifier app isn't working these days, so i'm checking mailboxes manually12:05
tilmanjue: i just committet aon's first patch two days ago =)12:05
tilmanbut i didn't push it yet, so no problem :)12:06
tilmanyour patch fixes #360?12:07
juewould be nice if we can close some pkgutil-tickets with 2.612:07
juewell, IMO yes12:07
jueI think that -um and -uf are on the opposite side of pkg building, so no one wants to update .md5sum and .footprint in one task12:09
tilmani'll rename check_file to check_file_is_writable12:10
juehmm, no sure12:10
juemaybe we want some other file-checks12:11
juewould be easy to add them to the same function12:11
tilmanokay, fine12:11
juesepen: updated in which respect?12:14
sepenapplying your patches and adding syslog and rotatelog scripts12:17
jueah, ok12:18
juethanks sepen12:18
juetilman: what's your opinion wrt rsyslog?12:19
tilmanindifferent :D12:20
juehehe, me too12:20
tilmanjue: let me read up on it12:20
jueat all we gain nothing from it, but it has a very active development and more features some user like to see12:22
tilmanif you want it, feel free to add it12:24
jueit's more in the line of '... secondary focus is utilization of new Linux features and recent tools and libraries"12:24
sepena nice discussion about rsyslog
juewell, I don't need it and are more or less in a +-0 mode ;-)12:25
sepenwell it could wait until 2.7, or moved to opt, etc. just was an idea12:37
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