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sepenhey jue08:06
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sepen@seen cptn09:54
clbsepen: cptn was last seen in #crux-devel 15 weeks, 6 days, 5 hours, 9 minutes, and 31 seconds ago: <cptn> pod2man --section=1 --center=" " --release=" " qemu-img.pod > qemu-img.109:54
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tilmanso i could10:31
tilmana) update firefox10:31
tilmanb) play freeciv10:31
teK_hey, there's someone using may port(s), yay10:56
teK_but you must not skip the FF update! :>10:57
tilmanit's a very fine port, too11:06
rehabdollfreeciv ftw11:21
rehabdollalthough its not hard to make it crash11:22
teK_that's beyond my scope, I guess11:22
tilmanworks flawlessly here11:23
rehabdollreally? whenever i play for a extended period, empty dialogues occur and when clicked it segfaults11:24
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tilmannever seen that happen11:41
tilmanyou could do a debug build with very little effort, then run it in gdb11:42
tilmanand file a bug with the backtrace :)11:42
juetilman: do we miss the latest udev update?12:18
tilmanoops, i missed it indeed. looking into it now12:19
tilmanchecking for acl_init in -lacl... no12:22
tilmanconfigure: error: libacl not found12:22
tilmanmaybe that's why i didn't update it ;>12:22
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juehmm, never heard about libacl before12:30
tilmanconfigure is also checking for xsltproc, gperf and gb12:30
* tilman rolls eyes12:30
jueKay Sievers is going wild ;)12:32
juelibacl seems to be that ->
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teK_anyone else getting md5 mismatch for e2fsprogs in 2.6?16:39
jueteK_: no, just downloaded again, same md516:45
juebtw, 2.5 is the same16:46
teK_mind telling me the md5?16:46
juesure -> b55d2b557f1f17ff918e9201c1d730f516:46
teK_what the..16:49
teK_34664922e456ee3ab84f14cb8d9f2fad  e2fsprogs-1.41.7.tar.gz16:49
teK_nfs-utils fails, too:16:59
teK_/bin/sh ../../libtool --tag=CC   --mode=link gcc -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes  -pipe -O2 -march=i686   -o mountd mountd-mountd.o mountd-mount_dispatch.o mountd-auth.o mountd-rmtab.o mountd-cache.o mountd-svc_run.o mountd-fsloc.o ../../support/export/libexport.a ../../support/nfs/libnfs.a ../../support/misc/libmisc.a  -lwrap  -lblkid16:59
teK_mkdir .libs16:59
teK_it's located in /usr/lib16:59
teK_libtool: link: cannot find the library `/lib/' or unhandled argument `/lib/'16:59
teK_this is in a 2.6 chroot16:59
teK_and util-linux-ng fails with make -jn, n>117:04
jueteK_: I see, will fix that tomorrow17:04
jue.. or better latter17:04
teK_cool, thx17:05
juewhat's the problem with e2fsprogs?17:06
teK_'stale' distfile17:06
teK_I downloaded it earlier17:07
teK_redownloading it right now fixed the issue17:07
teK_sorry for the noise.17:07
teK_it's not the first time, this happens to me..17:07
teK_though it did build fine.17:07
jueteK_: util-linux-ng should be fixed now17:26
teK_and I don't know if you want look into this, too, but I get footprint mismatch for some  /etc/*host* files while building glibc17:27
teK_I guess those errors will pop up if it's my (system's) fault17:27
juesorry, you mean the files that we provide in the port?17:30
teK_umask is set to 02217:31
teK_files have 644 but are packaged as 60017:31
jueah, I see17:32
teK_but I guess it's better if you just wait and see what happens during the official bootstrapping17:32
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juestrange, it works for me, at least as I built test017:34
teK_then forget about it :)17:35
juehehe, no, I always care about bug reports17:36
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jueteK_: do you see the same for all ports that cp local files, e.g. core/filesystem?17:43
teK_not since I fixed umask (before chrooting)17:43
teK_so did I before rebuilding glibc17:44
juehmm, sorry, now I'm confused. Above you said that a 644 file got packaged as 600 with a umask of 0022, right?17:46
teK_my usual umask is 07717:46
teK_so I switched to 022 before chrooting (and buildin)17:47
teK_I got mismatches for tcp_wrapper, too but only because of umask 077. So I switched and it build fine17:47
jueok, so your umask setting is not the default17:48
teK_until I switched it to default *g*17:48
juehehe, so you'd better answer with a no to my question ;)17:50
teK_ok: no17:51
juebecause you got the 644 files packaged as 600 with a umask of 007717:51
juewhich is correct IMO17:52
teK_but mismatches the .footprint file, hence the errors17:52
teK_btw: why where .xz files for the ISO discarded?17:56
juetoo much additional work17:56
teK_oh, ok17:56
juewould be best to use always install instead of cp in ports, setting the permissions explicit17:59
teK_% which __pkgmk                                                :(18:00
teK___pkgmk () {18:00
teK_local pkgmk18:00
teK_for i in $@18:00
teK_pkgmk="$pkgmk ""$i"18:00
teK_umask 02218:00
teK_sudo pkgmk $@18:00
teK_umask $mask18:00
teK_gotta go. gn8 :)18:00
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