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jueteK_: ?04:10
juejust looked at your umask problem04:22
jueare you using a modified pkgmk?04:22
teK_the script itself is unmodified04:22
teK_but pkgmk is aliased  to __pkgmk (stat at 01:00 this morning)04:23
teK_s/stat/as stated/04:23
juewell, I can reproduce your problem if I remove the umask call in fucntion make_work_dir()04:23
teK_I will look at the script when I'm at home04:25
jueit works for me even if I change my default umask to 07704:25
teK_I won't bet that I did not remove the umask call (this would even make sense when one considers my alias/function)04:25
teK_I have to check which octal mode files will get after downloading them, when I restored pkgmk to it's original state04:27
jueok, for now I'll consider this as not-a-bug-but-teK_s-paranoid-settings04:28
teK_yes, sir04:28
teK_do you think is paranoid when set restrict to user?04:35
Rotwangironically [;04:38
teK_sorry ;)04:38
jueteK_: no, but how is this related to the umask problem?04:49
teK_it's related to my paranoia :>04:50
teK_and thanks for investigating04:50
juenp, and thanks for your reports04:51
sepenlol, I fixed it
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teK_jue: c9bf286ce659ee950e2a4985864503a8  /usr/bin/pkgmk07:43
teK__with_ umask 022 in make_work_dir()07:44
teK_+ I surely did not modify the chroot's pkgmk07:44
jueteK_: ok07:51
teK_I will have to bootstrap at least one more time, so I will take extra care :)07:51
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juejaeger: is your local iso.git already updated to kernel 2.6.30?10:59
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teK_2.6.30.1 :)11:43
jueteK_: sure, but that's not important in that context, only the transition 29->30 might need some additional work for initramfs etc. ;)12:01
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tilmanchecking for snd_pcm_open in -lasound... no13:46
tilmanconfigure: error: Ogg support on Linux requires the alsa library13:46
tilmanthat's from xulrunner :(13:46
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jaegerR_ for reverse? :)18:31
Rotwangso it may not be redundant at all {:19:08
jaegerunless I'm being dumb today it seems like the idea is to stop the services in the SERVICES array in reverse order when shutting down19:10
jaegerwhich makes sense19:10
Rotwangi did not thnk of that19:10
Rotwangi think there could be a comment on that19:12
Rotwangor do that in c style loop19:16
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nipuLjaeger: have you started that new multilib branch yet?20:44
jaegerI've got a core and opt branch up on my server but haven't put a lot of work into it yet20:46
nipuLi'm just sick of cherry picking :\20:50
nipuLweather is sucking hard here
jaegeryeah, it's a pain in the ass21:01
jaegerbut I tried some test with full merges and they don't work too well21:01
jaegernot impossible but annoying21:01
nipuLmaybe that's why i went to cherry picking21:04
nipuLi can't remember, i think i initially started just merging the tree21:04
nipuLiirc, the main reason i started cherry picking was because it was less of a pain in the arse than resolving all the merge conflicts21:16
nipuLbut i can't remember exactly what motivated me to do it this way21:16
jaegerfair enough. it does seem a bit easier21:18

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