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jaegerheyo, jue12:12
jaegerI haven't updated my local ISO tree to .30.x yet12:12
jaegermight get to it today12:12
juegreat, we have to wait for the next libarchive version for test1, so no hurry12:15
juebut everything else should be in place now12:16
juealmost, still open is the rsyslog decision12:16
juedo you have an opinion on that?12:17
jaegerhaven't followed it much to be honest... I'm only used to sysklogd and syslog-ng12:17
jaegerwhat does rsyslog do better?12:17
jaegertcp logging and mysql, I see12:18
jueit has a very active development12:18
tilmanblooaaaaat ;D12:18
jueand a lot of extensions like logging into sql databases12:18
juetilman: not really12:19
tilmanjue: libarchive shouldn't block test1. we can apply the patch that fixes xz handling ourselves12:19
tilmanjue: mostly kidding (re rsyslog)12:21
juewell, I'm offline next week, so let's wait until I'm back12:21
jaegerI'll get my 2.6 iso build tree updated and bootstrapping12:22
tilmanxulrunner now depends on alsa-lib12:23
jaegeraye, saw that12:23
juejaeger: you might consider using rsyslog instead of syslog-ng12:23
jaegerI'll look into it12:23
juetilman: oops, why that?12:23
tilmanpretty lame that they don't support OSS (for which you don't need any special library :)12:23
tilmanjue: ogg playback12:23
tilmanapparently they ship their own ogg/vorbis/theora decoder though :D12:23
jaegerthey probably just assume every distro uses alsa by now, I guess12:23
tilmanjaeger: yeah. it's not that bad. i would be annoyed if they depended on pulse audio though12:24
jaegerIs the python/alsa-lib footprint fixed in 2.6?12:25
tilmani didn't consider it a bug :p12:25
jaegerjust an annoyance12:25
tilmani guess python can be considered part of the "base system" these days12:26
tilmanso i'll change it12:26
jaegerI think so12:26
juesorry, what was the problem with python/alsa?12:27
tilmanalsa-lib has an optional dependency on python12:27
jaegeralsa-lib gets extra files with python installed12:27
tilmanpython bindings i guess12:27
jueah, ok12:27
juetilman: what's the plan with udev?12:38
tilmanhaven't looked closer at the acl cr*p12:41
tilmani'll handle it though12:41
juei we add libacl/libattr/libcap to core12:42
juesorry, should be -> looks likei we have to add libacl/libattr/libcap to core12:42
jueif so we can enable cap/attr it in the one or another port, e.g. coreutils12:44
tilmani think libarchive can use attr, too12:44
jaegerare we planning to add xz support? wondering if I should let the kernel use lzma on the image12:44
jueyes, it's already in core12:45
tilmanjaeger: yes, but the kernel doesn't rely on xz utils for lzma compression i think12:46
jaegerit does during the build12:46
jaegernot to boot, though12:46
tilmanoh, sorry12:46
jaegerso I guess that was a dumb question, sorry12:46
jaegermore about consistency than functionality12:46
tilmanerr, jue answered it already anyway12:46
jaegeraye :)12:46
jaegerok, gonna build and test
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