IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2009-07-06

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j^2[crux-2.5]   crux-2.5.torrent  258.5 MB  258.5 MB  44.48 GB  Seeding   17,618.80%    0.0 kB/s    0.0 kB/s    2+0.00019:02
j^2not too shabby :)19:02
nipuLodd. libuuid in old e2fsprogs was so.1.2, libuuid in util-linux-ng is so.1.0.019:40
nipuLis the util-linux-ng new code?19:40
nipuLgetting an undefined reference error when trying to build compat32 e2fsprogs19:42
nipuLhmm, maybe i didn't cherry-pick 2.5/e2fsprogs/Pkgfile correctly19:47
nipuLah, forgot to disable libuuid19:48
nipuL:\ sf has changed their urls again19:56

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