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sepenjust reading ciprian's mail01:20
sepenhis modifications do not seem so bad imho01:23
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nipuLhmm, i think the patch for xulrunner might be broken05:54
nipuLReversed (or previously applied) patch detected!  Skipping patch.05:54
nipuL1 out of 1 hunk ignored -- saving rejects to file toolkit/xre/nsAppRunner.cpp.rej05:54
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jaegernipuL: looks like, I had to remove the patch12:44
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tilmanare you talking about opt/xulrunner, or a multilib-64 port?12:49
tilmani'm wondering why nobody brought it up yet if it's opt/xulrunner12:49
jaegerx86 2.6/opt/xulrunner12:51
jaegerI had to rebuild my ISO builder VM so I just ran into again when I got back from lunch and it had stopped12:51
tilmanmmh mmh12:52
tilmani'll have a look12:52
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jaegertilman: what did we decide with the alsa-lib python footprint mismatch?13:39
tilmani said i wanted to make alsa-lib depend on python13:40
tilmanbut i'm not so sure anymore ;D13:40
jaegerpython is part of the opt collection on the ISO anyway, right?13:41
jaegersince xulrunner needs alsa-lib now I imagine we'll see people run into that13:42
jaegerok =) thanks13:46
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jaegerheh... xorg-libxcb says "the doxygen program was not found in your execute"15:07
jaegergood engrish15:07
tilmani'm pretty sure i know who's responsible for that15:08
tilmanit's a frenchie :>15:08
jaegerah :)15:08
jaegerDoxygen in my execute?! I never knew :(15:09
treachwell, I saw some place some app that complained about not finding any "native to execute" :>15:09
treachnot sure that's much better. :p15:10
jaegerhaha, nice15:10
jesse_What a great blunder.15:10
jaegerhave to take over their land before you can execute them15:10
treachyeah. Or like the goodie totem pulled on me sometime in the past, the one about refusing to work for "no reason." :/15:11
tilman"i just don't feel like playing that video right now."15:11
jaegerso a coworker was cleaning out his girlfriend's computer today... I think we've now killed 15+ roaches that came out of it15:12
jaegerpretty disgusting15:13
teK_I bet the computer is not the only place where the roaches are residing :>15:17
jaegerseems likely15:19
treachshould take care of any dug in bastards. :>15:19
tilmanwonder how they got in though15:19
tilmanaren't they too large to get in through the air holes?15:19
jaegerfrom what I've seen today they can fit in anything15:20
jaegerbut they aren't very large anyway15:20
* tilman only knows cockroaches from tv ;P15:20
jaegerthe real ones aren't so big :)15:20
tilmanok :D15:20
* teK_ knows cockroaches from London's youth hostels :>15:25
jaegerI've never been in one in london, only briefly saw one in stockholm15:45
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nipuLever seen a a native australian cockroach?19:19
nipuLfortunately they are not vermin19:20
nipuLunlikely those bloody european ones the poms brought over with them19:20
jaegerhrmm, looks pretty large23:33

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