IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2009-07-10

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nipuLtrying to build policykit :\ what's with the io errors trying to connect to sf07:35
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jaegertilman: I'm having a problem building cairo in my 2.6 builder VM now. It wants to use /usr/lib/ which doesn't exist09:32
tilmandoes the 2.6 builder run on 2.6?09:32
jaegerIt runs on an upgraded 2.5, would it be easier if I installed the 2.6 ISO?09:33
tilmani think so09:33
jaegeralright =/09:33
tilmanor you could remove all X related packages09:33
tilmanthen update libx11 (to get 1.2.x)09:33
tilmanand then install all the x stuff again09:33
jaegerI'll try that first, I've got plenty of time09:34
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jaegerhrmm, grub in 2.6 is pretty broken, it can't find any files, even though it can list them14:22
jaegerfor example, kernel (hd0,1)/boot/whatever says (hd0,1)/boot/whatever can't be found but if you open a command line and type find (hd0,1)/boot/what(tab) it shows up... but find (hd0,1)/boot/whatever says not found14:22
jaegerlilo works fine so I guess it's not the kernel image itself14:25
jaegerI even rebuilt grub, no change14:26
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nipuLjaeger: grub is working fine for me on my 2.6 box20:54
nipuLjaeger: do you have a public git repo for your gnome ports?22:25
nipuLbuilding it on my 2.6 box, hit a gcc44 error for opal22:28
jaegernipuL: they're in svn, haven't moved them to git yet23:58
jaeger or rsync://

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