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nipuLjaeger: nah, i'm just lazy05:02
sepenoh I think I found something interesting in pkgmk, that seems a bash syntax error -> <- line 272 should ends with ';;'05:17
nipuL;; is just a terminator, like break in C06:22
aonyeah, the last case doesn't have to end that way06:28
sepenso its only esthetic06:48
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jaegernipuL: ok, just wondered :)07:58
sepenseems that we could avoid some docs installation, I started with some core ports08:03
Rotwang1sepen: there is not much difference between not instaling docs to $PKG and removing them from $PKG08:08
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jaegerI managed to finally build a 2.6 ISO, will work on the kernel update today08:09
jaegerI think only pkgutils and xulrunner need tweaks08:11
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juejaeger: coool, what's the problem with pkgutils?08:19
jaegerjue: LDFLAGS needs -llzma appended08:20
jaegerin the Makefile08:20
jueok, is tilman aware of that?08:22
juesorry, silly question, the lzma support isn't added yet08:28
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juesepen: already looked at metalog?08:56
sepenhmmm autorotated logs08:56
sepenjue, imho we should discard the syslog change for 2.608:57
sepenmaybe for 2.7 ;D08:57
sepennow I'm trying crux on arm devices ;D09:00
sepenbut I've some problems after building crosscompilation, so I can run only static binaries09:01
sepenbut at least I've running a static busybox on my hp-jornada ;D09:02
sepenthe next step will be to put crux on it, hehehe09:02
sepenapparently libgcc_s is required for running all generated binaries, but it doesn't make sense09:03
sepenjue, how did you compiled i586 packages for the contrib-i586 iso? using a cross-toolchain?09:12
juenope, I have two i586er boxes09:13
sepenhmm, unfortunately is not as easy for arm devices :|09:13
sepenwell I surf the web again09:14
jaegerI'm building a 2.6 ISO with now, hopefully it won't blow up :)09:25
* straw crosses fingers09:26
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jaegeris libdrm included in glibc now?10:16
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tilmanjaeger: no. it might try to install drm headers because those are contained in the kernel headers tarball10:53
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tilmanjue: yes, i'm aware of it. the fixes are in the pipeline, but not pushed yet :)10:54
tilmanjue: since you're back -- should we patch core/libarchive with the xz patch now?10:54
juetilman: I'd say yes, final util-linux-ng 2.6 is planed for this week so a test1 make sense after that11:16
jaegertilman: ok, wondered what was going on there. makes sense12:49
tilmani'm on the pkgutils release now12:50
tilmanjue: i'm going to merge your pkgmk-filecheck.patch; or did you find a bug with it? :)12:50
jaegerI'm gonna upload my local -test1 to see if works well but looks like I'll need to build a new one for all the latest updates anyway12:50
teK_jaeger: could you tell me how much space your (finished) bootstrapping directory needs?13:11
juetilman: no, works for me :)13:17
tilmani just hit the "release" button13:17
tilmananyway :)13:17
tilmanthere you go13:18
tilmanjaeger: all done!13:18
tilmanexcept that xulrunner thing :|13:18
jaegertilman: ok :)13:22
jaegerteK_: 1.8G/usr/src/iso13:23
teK_btw: is this with all the sourcefiles?13:26
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juetilman: what's the plan with udev?13:42
tilmansorry, i didn't  fix things yet13:44
tilmanjaeger: err. those xulrunner build failures... was that on multilib64?14:06
jaeger2.6 x8614:09
jaegerit just needs the patch removed, I think14:09
jaegerI can paste a log if you like14:09
tilmanmmh, i misremembered14:10
tilmanlet me try it again14:11
tilmanagreed. the else/elsif issue was fixed upstream14:11
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jaegerwow, it looks like the only issue with the new kernel might be the rename of libusual.ko14:46
jaegerI'll be happy if that's all14:46
jaegerseems to work fine so far, yay15:16
juetilman, aon: if udev depends on libattr/libcap/libacl now, we have to move the libs to /lib15:19
juetilman: libacl port ->
juethe configure line looks a bit strange, of course we can use a patch instead15:22
jueteK_: ?15:24
teK_alias /2 /window 215:24
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teK_can line 13 for libusb's footprint be correct?15:55
teK_pkg-config libusb --modversion won't return libusb's version unless i rename the file to libusb.pc15:56
teK_or maybe it's the other way round. usbutils should call pkg-config libusb-1.0 --modversion in  ./configure16:01
jueteK_: no, libusb.pc is provided by libusb-compat16:04
teK_well.. and magically usbutils builds, too. thx..16:05
jueusbutils depends on libusb-compat, I'll fix that16:06
jueteK_: thx for the hint16:06
teK_I belive none of my hints have showed to be true or useful at least. but you're welcome ;)16:07
jaegergot a footprint mismatch on lvm and coreutils error cding into the source dir16:40
jaegerah, because coreutils is a .xz archive which doesn't get unpacked16:41
juejaeger: lvm2 works for me, what's your error16:43
jaegerexcuse me, I said footprint, I meant md5sum16:44
jaegersorry for the confusion16:44
jaegerMISSING   7f2801ec7faec13dc7993b85486ec625  LVM2.2.02.49.tgz16:44
jaegerNEW       ae49c161e7533c8e33b669c80154bd46  LVM2.2.02.49.tgz16:44
jaegernew tarball today, perhaps? last modified: Wed Jul 15 12:30:06 200916:45
juejaeger: confirmed, they changed the tarball, diff is here ->
teK_xulrunner fails during patching for me:
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jaegerI think coreutils is my problem since I haven't updated libarchive on the local system, just got home to look into it20:01
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