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sepenthe check_urls script is not working fine yet04:12
sepen'man' sources are unavailable but it is not in the report, and also there is no 'reason' for every broken source04:15
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jaegergrrr, more bootstrapping problems08:24
teK_can you reproduce my problem with xulrunnter?08:27
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jaegerteK_: not so far, no =/08:40
sepenhi jue08:40
jaegerheyo, jue08:40
jaegernow my problems are a footprint mismatch on alsa-lib and bsdtar not being able to open the openssh archive for some reason08:40
teK_tjat's strange.08:40
jaegerbsdtar -C /usr/src/iso/ports/core/openssh/work/src -xf /usr/src/iso/ports/core/openssh/openssh-5.2p1.tar.gz08:41
jaegerbsdtar: Unrecognized archive format08:41
jaegerfile says: openssh-5.2p1.tar.gz: gzip compressed data, extra field, from Unix08:41
juejaeger: alsa-lib works for me08:47
jaegerjue: it was something really strange, like one file set to id 2702 which means nothing to me08:48
jaegerMISSING   -rw-r--r--      root/root       lib/udev/rules.d/40-alsa.rules08:48
jaegerNEW       -rw-r--r--      2702/users      lib/udev/rules.d/40-alsa.rules08:48
jaegerthat's udev, not alsa-lib08:49
* jaeger sighs08:49
jaegersorry, I'm tired08:49
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juejaeger: got that too, it's because of line 37 (cp -a ...)10:04
jueit's strange, dunno why it "works" with 2.510:05
juethe 2.6 behaviour seems correct to me, -a means --preserve=all10:07
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juetilman: there's a difference how pkgutils extract sources, with 5.33.0 all files are owned by root:root with 5.34.0 user:group is preserved, that's the reason for the footprint mismatch found by jaeger11:01
tilmanjue: maybe the -p flag will help11:02
juetilman: we should add *.tar.lzma to the valid extensions in pkgmk too11:04
tilmanthose shouldn't be used anymore though :>11:04
jueimagemagick is still using it ;)11:05
tilmani'm not sure we can extract all *.lzma files11:05
tilmanjue: how can i test the permission problem?11:06
juebuild udev with 5.34.011:06
juetilman: any idea why bsdtar is unable to extract the openssh tarball?11:13
tilmantime for dinner, tv and vacation :D11:16
* tilman hides11:16
tilmansorry about this mess11:20
tilmanlooking into the openssh crap now11:20
tilmanfile says: "extra field" mmh11:20
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juetilman: 'bsdtar -p -o ...' works for me11:48
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tilmanyes, indeed12:35
tilmantilman@centaur [/tmp] > gunzip --verbose openssh-5.2p1.tar.gz12:59
tilmangzip: openssh-5.2p1.tar.gz: extra field of 261 bytes ignored12:59
tilmaninteresting :)12:59
jaegerI guess we could temporarily host our own tarball but that's annoying12:59
juetilman: btw, I screwed up our ck4up on, it's fixed now and we will get a big report tomorrow, hopefully13:09
juetilman: most of it is done already though13:09
tilmanjaeger: i guess this problem is blocking your iso building?13:12
tilmanjue: ok13:13
tilmani'll figure out the gzip 'extra field' stuff out tomorrow13:14
jaegertilman: I can work around it with my own tarball but it's gonna hit everyone if we don't fix something13:22
tilmanyeah, i know13:25
jaegerthough really I suppose it should be fixed upstream with a non-borken tarball13:26
tilmanwell... :)13:26
jaegergot distracted for a while with a coworker breaking my ipsec tunnel so I couldn't get to my build box :P13:26
tilmani'm guessing libarchive's gzip support is lacking a bit13:26
jaegercould be, I suppose13:27
juepfff, looks like latest udev depends on gperf as well :(13:28
tilmani think they merged some "udev-extras"13:28
tilmanwhich happen to depend on glib, too. or something.13:28
jueoh well, I hope you will find some time to deal with that crap13:30
tilmani will13:30
jaegerok, temporarily working around those 2 issues in my build VM13:34
tilmani suck and fail13:40
tilmana) there's a problem in a program that i know a little13:40
tilmanb) i know the programming language13:40
tilmanobvious conclusion: i try to fix the problem13:40
tilmanFAIL. the bug is already fixed in svn13:40
tilman"# Fix failure to read gzip files signed with gzsig (and other gzip files with "extra data") "13:41
jaegerdoh, heh13:43
jaegerso we need to wait for a release for that?13:43
jaegeror patch it13:43
tilmanwe're already applying patches to libarchive anyway (straight from svn, too)13:43
jaegerI'll wait for that patch to start this bootstrap13:45
jaegerthough I suppose it doesn't matter much :)13:45
tilmanthere it is13:46
tilmannow to fix pkgmk13:46
jaegerI added -p -o to my local pkgmk temporarily, is that gonna be the solution?13:46
tilmanmmh. i guess? :D13:47
tilmanjue: any second thoughts about -p -o?13:48
jaegerI wonder why the behavior changed... because bsdtar isn't called with -p13:48
juetilman: no, seems correct to me13:48
tilmanjaeger: incoming in a minute or so13:56
jaegerI see it, thanks. will give it a look13:57
jaegerlooks good, starting another bootstrap14:07
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