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nipuLdoes cruxes flyspray have local modifications?00:04
nipuLnot the output i was expecting00:04
nipuLhmmm, it would appear perpage support has been removed00:10
nipuLdoesn't work on the FS tracker either00:10
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nipuLthat still doesn't explain why dev=0 doesn't work00:21
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teK__NOHIGHMEM=y on the installation CD sucks :\02:00
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jaegerteK_: does that actually cause you trouble?08:01
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teK_jaeger: yes it did. Even though in an exotic situation ;)08:41
jaegerWhat was the situation?08:46
teK_i have this box with fast SAS disks and 6GiB RAM which I wanted to use for bootstrappig08:48
teK_I wanted to do so without replacing the original (SuSE) installation08:48
teK_current 'solution' is vbox :\08:48
jaegerwe could offer lowmem and highmem images if needed, that wouldn't be much trouble08:48
teK_imho there's no big tradeoff if the iso's kernel is compiled with highmem on08:49
teK_on the other it's no big issue, It just bit me in the ass today :>08:50
jaegerfair enough08:50
teK_could one skip the 1. Stage of bootstrapping if it's done from a 'current' host system?08:52
teK_i.e. switch the installation to crux-2.6 and then just rebuild all packages for the iso08:53
teK_yay, nmap 5.0 is out08:54
jaegerwhen you say bootstrapping do you mean that you want to replaced the host system with crux? or do you just want to build an ISO?08:54
teK_the .txt recommends upgrading the host system via prt-get sysup08:55
jaegeryou should be able to just install (unpack) the packages in an area you want to chroot into08:55
teK_but then the packages will get built two times, won't they?08:56
jaegerif you're doing a true bootstrap they're gonna get built 3 times anyway08:57
jaegermaybe I don't understand what you're trying to do08:57
teK_save time08:58
jaegerit seems to me like you could do it a couple of ways08:59
jaeger1) build the iso WITHOUT chroot from the host system. pkgutils will be needed on the host08:59
jaeger2) build in a crux 2.x chroot somewhere in the host system08:59
jaegerI would use the chroot method, less likely to run into problems that way09:00
teK_my problem is: it took me a couple of days to get familiar again with this stuff and I even didn't start patch for cryptsetup and I'm running out of time09:01
jaegerIf you want to only build the packages once then I would say you should *definitely* do it in a crux chroot instead of the host system09:07
teK_just build everything and then modify the makefile to just build the iso from them.. hmm..09:08
jaegerit's pretty easy. from the iso toplevel, run 'make kernel core opt xorg' (with ports trees checked out into iso/ports) and then 'make iso'09:09
jaegeryou'll need to have squashfs-tools installed and the handbook/releasenotes downloaded09:09
teK_cool, thx09:10
jaegerI think that's all but that's off the top of my head, might be forgetting something09:10
teK_I will see09:10
tilmanheh, lots of stuff in today's core-ports ck4up report09:10
tilmanjaeger: how did the build go?09:12
jaegerit's still going. I'm regretting doing it in a VM09:12
tilmanoh, ok09:12
jaegergonna see if I can safely build it on one of my 64-bit hosts in a chroot, will be faster for the next time09:13
jaegerbut with that said it's in stage 209:13
jaegerno failed packages in stage 1, so good so far09:14
teK_jaeger: be careful with pkgmk.conf.. it did not work out for me because some packages wanted to be built with 64bit support09:14
jaegerteK_: linux32/setarch should be handy here09:14
jaegerI think I can make it work, will see09:14
jaegerI've got a crux x86_64-multilib and an ubuntu 64 box to try it on09:14
teK_good luck :)09:15
nipuLattention firefox users, go to the portdb, click on the drop down on your searchbar09:21
teK_    <link rel="search" type="application/opensearchdescription+xml" href="opensearch.xml" title="CRUX portdb search"/> ?09:22
Rotwanghad it from beggining ;f09:25
teK_attention firefox users:
* Rotwang trys to understand something09:26
teK_well.. ;)09:27
nipuLanyhoo, i'm going to be now09:31
tilmanyes yes09:32
teK_jaeger: worked like a charm (except that make kernel is superfluous because make iso incorporates it :))09:59
jaegerwell, I was going from memory :) but glad to hear it10:03
teK_and it's even working :D10:05
teK_thanks again10:05
jaegernp :)10:05
Rotwangwhat about adding exec 2> >(sed -r "s/^[^:]*:/${0##*/}:/" >&2) to our bash scripts ? [;10:12
Rotwangit will change error messages from called to caller10:12
Rotwangsth like croak and carp in perl10:13
teK_jaeger: you are building the iso with kernel 30.1, right?10:52
jaegerneed a copy of the config?10:53
teK_would be great10:53
teK_+ which updates are not push to the iso-repo on
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jaegerso far my chroot is working nicely12:28
jaegerand my VM build finally finished; I'll test the ISO and upload it if anyone needs it12:30
jaegerok, that ISO seems solid14:10
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