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nipuLI've just announce I'm orphaning my ports on the -devel and -contrib ML. I have put the list of ports on
nipuLit's explained in the email02:25
teK_ah, ok02:26
nipuLi'm not retiring, just winding back, atleast for the next 6 months anyway02:26
nipuLi've also just decomissioned my last 32bit crux box to save some electricity02:30
mike_k_nipuL: before that learning curve will take you over... could you post nginx/cgit part of config. the cgi2fcgi perl stuff works, but I can't manage to make a pretty links with properly loaded images and such.02:50
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mike_k_good one03:40
tilmanhi jue03:44
juetilman: I have a ghc 6.8.3 package, can upload it if you want03:45
tilmanjue: for x86_64? :)03:45
jueno, for x8603:46
tilmanthought so ;D03:46
jueah, sorry, misread that03:46
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nipuLmike_k_: hope that helps04:18
mike_k_nipuL: thanks04:18
nipuL that's my cgitrc04:19
mike_k_I guess you haven't changed in a few months?04:20
mike_k_nevermind, I can overwrite it anyway04:21
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tilmanwhere can i get a multilib iso? :>08:05
nipuLyou can't08:05
tilmanhow do i install a mltilib system?08:06
nipuLi think have the packages required to reinstall somewhere08:07
nipuLjust install rehabdoll's crux64 then install those over the top, instant multilib08:07
tilmanoh, cool08:08
tilmani run rehabdoll's crux64, but i'll have to play penumbra soon08:08
nipuLthey're probably out of date though08:08
tilmanshouldn't matter, does it?08:08
nipuLi wish i could convince the wife to give me $15 so i could get it08:08
nipuLsucks not working08:09
nipuLnah, you can always rebuild to the newer versions08:09
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juetilman: btw, any progress with udev?08:09
tilmani guess you've seen the special offer thing? USD 5 = aussie$ 15? :)08:09
tilmanjue: no08:09
tilmannag nag nag ;)08:10
tilmanjue: i'll do it now.08:10
nipuLnah, $10USD for both games, so like $12.5AUD, plus currency conversion fee08:10
tilmanall 3 games for USD 5 this weekend08:11
juetilman: fine , IMO it's the last issue that should be solved before a official test108:11
nipuLi though it was 5 each08:12
nipuLyay, wife said yes08:13
nipuL"grrrrr, fin"08:14
tilmanjue: in the meantime, udev 145 has been released. let's hope they ifxed their configure sciprt :)08:16
tilmanokay, they did not08:17
tilmanjue: --disable-extras seems to do the trick.08:30
juenipuL: your *-compat32 ports are not in opt, ok to remove them from the list?08:33
juetilman: and we are missing nothing without it?08:33
tilmandon't know yet08:34
tilmanTo be able to use signalfd(), udev depends on kernel version 2.6.25 now.08:36
tilmanAlso inotify support is mandatory now to run udev.08:36
nipuLjue: yeah08:38
tilmandoes anyone know why we create a symlink from /sbin/scsi_id to /lib/whatever/scsi_id?08:41
nipuLdunno, remove it and see what happens?08:50
juesorry, no idea, was introduced with udev 13508:56
juebut I like nipuL's idea ;)08:57
tilmanscsi-_id has been around since at least udev 05908:57
jueno, I meant the symlinks08:58
tilmanwe need thrice :)09:01
nipuLi don't think i'm ready to play this game, silent hill: the room freaked this shit out of me, i still haven't finished it09:20
juepariculary comment #209:26
tilmanfucking udev pisses me off09:33
jueeven debian has removed the symlink:
jueIMO we should rm the symlink and blame other progs if they depend on it09:36
tilmanwell, it booted.09:48
jaegerdevfs used to piss me off but udev is a far bigger pain in the ass, it seems09:50
tilmanit's okay when thrice is doing the updating work09:53
nipuLback to a static /dev? surely crux users are comfortable with creating device nodes?09:54
tilmanthat thought crossed my mind, too :D09:54
tilmanneed new batteries for my stereo remote09:54
nipuLscrew this game, nothing has happened and i'm crapping my pants09:55
tilmannipuL: penumbra seems scary, too > :P09:55
nipuLthat's what i'm playing09:56
nipuLuntil i wussed out09:56
tilmani thought you played silent hill09:57
nipuLbtw, works fine on multilib crux09:57
nipuLeven with my 7300gt09:57
nipuLi think i'll update my multilib repos instead09:58
jaegerI've been able to use wine quite well on this box with multilib09:58
nipuLwine was why i went multilib over pure6409:59
tilmanwine and games is why i think multilib mght be superior ;)09:59
nipuLalso, it's not hard to switch10:00
tilmanso /lib64 is a symlink to /lib in your mulitilib thing, right?10:01
tilmangood :D10:02
nipuLif pkgutils supported symlinks, i'd do it the other way around10:02
juetilman: what do you think, time for a test1 now?10:10
* tilman looks at TODO2610:10
tilmanlooks good :)10:11
tilmani didn't merge the firefox update to 2.6 yet10:12
juejaeger: may I ask you to build test1 after firefox is updated?10:17
tilmani'm doing a "quick" test build of xulrunner in 2.610:17
tilmanthen i'll push the button10:17
jaegerjue: certainly10:18
juecool, thanks :)10:18
jaegermy "test0a" ISO worked well in test :)10:18
tilmanjaeger: okay, new firefox in 2.610:44
jaegergrabbing the updates :)10:44
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jaegertest1 is uploading20:40
nipuLjust though of an easier way to maintain my multilib repo without having to cherry pick23:23
nipuLmerge the entire branch from, don't worry about untested ports, but only export ports with an "Arch Maintainer" meta data field to a public rsync/httpup repo23:25
jaeger <-- test123:31
jaegernipuL: not a bad idea23:31
nipuLthe initial merges are just going to take a while :\23:37
nipuLgit add flex23:51

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