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jaegergit add irc window00:08
nipuLgit rm sloppy focus00:17
jaegergoing to sleep, take care00:30
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tilmanhi jue03:35
tilman(06:31) <    jaeger> <-- test103:35
juetilman: hi03:37
jueyeah, just uploaded it to
tilmanah, great03:38
jueand successfully updated my laptop with it :-)03:38
jueworks fine03:39
tilmani\ll try it later today03:39
juetilman: care to write an ANN to crux-devel after that?03:39
jues***, forgot to add xz to inject_packages :(03:50
juenot a problem with new installs, but updates03:56
tilmantrue :|03:56
jueand you have to pkgadd xz it from the cd, because bsdtar is broken without xz03:57
juewell, it's a serious bug, but might be acceptable for a test release04:00
jueleaving now for today, cu04:40
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tilmannipuL: where are the multilib ports files?06:46
tilmannipuL: i think i need to get a multi-platform-aware pkgmk06:46
tilmanfwiw, installing the packages you pointed me at over x86_64 worked like a charm (on a live system, too)06:47
tilmanthough now glib expects glibc 2.9, but i only got 2.8 ;)06:47
tilmanjust found the wiki article06:48
nipuLyeah, you do need a multiarch aware pkgmk06:52
nipuLthere is no public repo, however git repos are available
nipuLbut they are out of date, i am in the process of doing a proper merge with the 2.6 repos06:53
nipuLalmost have core sorted out06:54
nipuLi'll push the new core this evening, but it's history will probably be incompatible with the current one06:54
nipuLhowever, it's getting late, i might turn all the lights off and try to play penumbra again07:01
tilmanyeah, grabbing those repos now07:09
tilmanfwiw, penumbra doesn't seem to work with i915 graphics07:09
nipuLlucky i have an nvidia :)07:12
tilmannipuL: your pkgutils tarball should have some distinct version number/filename addon something07:12
nipuLyes, new repo coming soon07:13
nipuLjust got some ugly merge conflicts to deal with07:13
tilmanis /etc/pkgmk.conf.d/ supposed to be empty?07:18
nipuLrefer to pkg-config-compat32 for an example07:26
tilmanmy gcc seems busted07:35
tilmanah, no07:37
tilmanyour pkgmk.conf assumes that $CC is set07:37
tilmannipuL: enabling CONFIG_IA32_AOUT shouldn't be necessary, i think. afaik there are no more a.out binaries out there these days07:38
nipuLno, it's not, i don't have it enabled07:46
tilmani'll remove it from the wiki page, okay?07:47
nipuLwhat? i wrote a wiki?07:48
nipuLah there is it07:49
nipuLhmm i'll update the pkgmk.conf07:52
* tilman installs craploads of -compat32 packages07:54
nipuLintalling gtk-compat32 is a good way to get most things you need08:01
tilmanmesa needs libxt o_O08:10
nipuLok, i'll fix that later08:17
tilmanno, i'm not saying it's a bug08:17
tilmani'm just surprised08:17
tilmanwell, it might be a bug in mesa's confiure script08:19
tilmannipuL: anyway, good job on this stuff. i didn't expect the upgrade to go so smoothly08:22
nipuLonce i get these new repos sorted out, i'm going to clean build the lot08:22
tilmani bet i'm not going to like penumbra08:23
tilmanor the radeon driver will not be good/fast enough to play it08:23
nipuLit runs ok on my nvidia 7300gt, so it should run ok08:24
tilmani have an x80008:24
tilmanbut i have no idea how that compares to an 730008:24
nipuLthere was a site that let you compare cards08:26
nipuLwhat sort of x800?08:26
tilmanfuck if i know08:27
nipuLxt, pro, gto, se?08:27
tilmanATI Technologies Inc R430 [Radeon X800]08:27
tilmanmight be xt, might be gto ;)08:28
nipuLwell, it get's about twice as many passmarks than my 730008:28
tilmanwith fglrx ;)08:29
nipuLnot the site i was looking for though, it would let you compare them side by side08:29
tilmanmind you the free driver sucks hard at FBOs/VBOs08:29
nipuLah found it, pci-e or agp?08:30
nipuLthat gives better info, the x800 is vastly superior, but firegl might be your downfall08:32
tilmanwoo, mesa 7.5 is out (development release, includes gallium)08:33
nipuLnice, been waiting for gallium08:33
tilmanme too08:34
nipuLthat's the  unichrome stuff isn't it?08:34
tilmanunfortunately, the radeon driver hasn't been ported 100% to gallium afaik08:34
tilmanunichrome = via drivers. unrelated to gallium08:34
nipuLhmm, i'm sure i read somewhere that via opened up their drivers for the unichrome and they were busy porting it to gallium08:36
nipuLprobably where i got the mix up08:36
tilmanmaybe i missed that08:36
nipuLseems everyone is opening their drivers these days, except for nvidia of course08:37
tilmanmeh, phoronix08:40
nipuLhm? phoronix bad?08:41
tilmanhe mostly bitches about how late xorg releases are08:41
tilmangot it, penumbra is starting08:43
tilmannipuL: i can has alsamixer for the 32 bits thingy?08:43
nipuLwhy do you need 32bit alsamixer?08:44
tilmann/m, something's broken with sound in general08:44
tilmanaha, stereo was turned down :D08:45
tilmanbbl D:08:45
nipuLinteresting, the binary file for the game it dynamically linked08:46
nipuLand ldd lists some not found libs08:46
nipuLyet it still runs08:46
tilmanoookay, it doesn't work at all08:50
tilmannipuL: LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the rescue08:50
nipuLyeah, the startup script already does that08:53
nipuLi just noticed it then08:53
tilmanbah, fucking win08:54
jaegerI should check my nwn port in multilib09:08
jaegerbet it works fine09:08
tilmanwill fglrx "just work" on multilib?09:12
jaegerIt's never been my experience that fglrx "just works" on anything :D09:12
tilmanit worked surprisingly well on i686 when i tried it 2/3 years ago09:13
jaegerWell, glad it worked for somebody :)09:13
jaegerfglrx is what made me stick with nvidia cards09:13
jaegeranyway, gotta go mow the lawn, AFK09:14
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nipuLlol, i lasted 20 minutes playing that time, god i'm a wuss09:33
tilmanlooks like i'll install 2.6-test1 to play this sucker09:33
nipuLdoes anyone else get this when compiling pkgutils? warning: Using 'getpwnam_r' in statically linked applications requires at runtime the shared libraries from the glibc version used for linking09:54
nipuLis it safe?09:54
tilmanapparently ;)09:54
nipuLsafe enough09:55
nipuLinteresing conflict in glibc09:57
nipuLwell, not really09:57
nipuLrm $PKG/usr/include/rpcsvc/rquota.[hx]09:57
tilmangreat, my cd-rw is shot09:57
nipuLm $PKG/usr/include/rpcsvc/{rquota.h,rquota.x}09:57
tilmanand i'm out of cd-r's09:57
tilmannipuL: heh09:59
jaegeror rquota.{h,x}10:00
nipuL[hx] still wins10:01
jaegerwins in terms of what? speed? or least amount of characters?10:02
tilmanwhy did it _conflict_ at all?10:02
jaegeron the subject of scary games, either of you ever played the gamecube game Eternal Darkness? that's one of my favorites10:03
tilmanno, i don't like scary games10:03
jaegerfair enough10:04
jaegerI normally don't go for them but Eternal Darkness was pretty cool10:04
nipuLit's weird, scary movies don't affect me, but games suck me right in10:04
tilmani only bought penumbra because it's cheap, and ported to linux10:04
jaegerthere's a sanity level in it and as your character loses sanity really entertaining shit starts to happen10:04
jaegerpictures melting, walls bleeding, sculptures turn their heads to follow you, you shrink, sink into the floor, etc.10:05
jaegerone of them even simulates the gamecube being reset and the TV turning off10:05
tilmansounds like you better be sober when playing10:06
jaegerthe first time I played it I had the lights off and the sound turned up, I turned it off and didn't play for like a week10:08
jaegerthen I played through the rest and enjoyed it10:08
nipuLit's not the same unless you play it late at night in the dark10:12
nipuLoops, broke my libarchive10:17
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nipuLhmm, how to upgrade libarchive/xz on a live system?20:16
nipuLi suppose build libarchive manually20:17

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