IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2009-07-21

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nipuLi think that's enough merging for now :(01:23
nipuLseems cairo is missing some deps to support xcb03:40
nipuLXCB: no (requires xcb >= 0.9.92 xcb-render >= 0.9.92 xcb-renderutil
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nipuLtilman: can you confirm this?
nipuLmay be a x86_64 only mismatch06:05
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tilmannipuL: no, i cannot confirm10:47
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juetilman: found issues with test1?12:02
tilmandidn't install test1 yet :(12:04
juenp, just curious ;)12:05
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jaegerI haven't run into any yet13:15
jaegerhaven't really stress-tested the install but it was smooth so far13:15
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juejaeger: sounds good, haven't found any other problem myself14:59
jaegercool :)15:01
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