IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2009-07-23

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nipuLdone :)02:55
nipuLmaybe i'll give building an iso a go02:55
jaegernipuL: nice :)08:16
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tilmanthis crappy non-greeting really annoys me13:08
teK_hello tilman. The whole corporate network was infected by some badass worm so I was unable to prepare cryptsetup stuff13:16
tilmanoh, okay13:16
teK_left office at 2 a.m.13:17
teK_oh and I will try to not be as annyoing as I am right now in the future :O13:17
tilmanit's okay, i'll just ignore it13:19
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juetilman: any progress wrt test1?13:44
tilmantomorrow, promise.13:45
jueok, thanks :)13:45
jaegerI've got another bootstrap going now if that matters13:46
tilmani'll test that one then :D13:50
juejaeger: with gcc 4.4.1 and the other chances?13:51
jaegerall changes up to about 30 minutes ago14:05
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jaegerIs this another test1? or test2 or what?23:42

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