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tilmanjaeger: tcsh shouldn't be in /etc/shells by default, now that tcsh is in opt (and not on the iso), right?05:55
nipuLfigured i'd improve the mplayer port, before it gets adopted :)07:21
nipuLrather than rely on gentoo shipped sources, i got a snapshot directly from the mplayer site which is they say is the recommended method07:23
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rehabdollnipuL: --codecsdir=/usr/lib/amd6407:45
tilmanyo jue07:46
tilmanjue: i put jaeger's test2 in ../files/pre-releases. did a fresh install with it, worked fine07:46
tilmanand tricked straw into testing the upgrade from 2.5 to 2.6 :D07:46
juecool, happy to hear that :)07:47
tilmanactually i asked nicely and he said yes.07:47
juewell, I'd say it's time to announce it07:49
tilmani wanted to wait whether the upgrade would work this time07:50
juehmm, it works works well for me with test1, apart from the xz issue07:52
tilmanbut do we now whether the xz issue is fixed now?07:53
jueshure, I've added it to insject_packages ;)07:53
tilmanokay, i'll announce it07:54
juetilman: thanks07:55
tilmantest releases are only announced to crux-devel, right?07:57
juedon't get me wrong, we are not in a hurry, but on the other side we are talking about the first official test release and should give the other maintainers enough time to test their ports. In the past we need a lot of time from test to final, though.07:57
jueyeah, crux-devel07:58
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jaegertilman: yeah, I don't see any need for tcsh in shels10:01
jaegershells, too10:01
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tilmanjue: agreed? tcsh should go from /etc/shells10:28
jueyeah, sure10:29
strawtilman: exactly at the end of the installation process I get an error when trying to execute 'lilo', because the shared lib isn't found10:30
jueyeah, that's really ugly10:35
juestraw: a quick fix is to install lvm210:36
tilmanwhy didn't i have this problem?10:37
tilmanoh, because i installed _everything_ the iso offered maybe10:37
tilmandoes this make sense? :P10:38
tilmanwhy is a package from core linked against something in opt?10:38
juegood question, that was not intentional10:39
strawglad I could help :P10:39
jaegerIs it one of the "link if I find it" kind of packages?10:39
tilmanwhen we build the core packages for the iso, we're doing it in an environment that already has lvm installed10:39
tilmanbut i guess that's how it was always done =)10:40
tilmanDEVMAPPER=`if [ -f /usr/include/libdevmapper.h ]; then echo "-ldevmapper"; fi`10:41
tilmanjaeger: seems to be ^^^^10:41
tilmanwe could override that variable in the pkgfile10:41
tilmanwhat do we gain by having lilo know about lvm?10:41
juewe are able to boot from a lvm partition10:42
tilmanthat's nice, right? :]10:43
jueif I understand the comments in lilo's Makefile right10:43
strawI roughly know the difference (sectors ! partitions), but why do you prefer lilo over grub anyway?10:44
tilmanit works with ext4? ;)10:45
strawoh, okay ;)10:45
tilmanor rather, it works with any filesystem10:45
* straw nods10:46
strawlilo with grub's on-the-fly-entry-editing-at-boot-time feature would be pretty neat.10:47
tilmanoff for bbq etc10:47
strawhf :)10:47
juetilman: one possible solutions might be to split out the devmapper part from lvm2 and move it to core10:48
juetilman: the other to disable it in lilo10:48
strawWhat's the right usage of pkgadd? The CD is mounted to /blah, theh chroot env is in /mnt.10:50
jaegerfor  PKG in /blah/crux/{core,opt,xorg}/*.pkg.tar.gz; do pkgadd -r /mnt $PKG; done :)10:50
strawHow brutal, but okay :P10:51
jaegerjust an example10:51
strawOk, I installed lvm2 and lilo seems to work now (apart from the missing device-mapper support in the kernel, but that shouldn't matter)10:55
jaegeralternatively could chroot and rebuild lilo10:55
jaegerwithout devmapper support10:55
strawuhm, I tried without first and got a panic10:58
strawbut that's rather my fault than CRUX'10:58
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