IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2009-07-26

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juetilman: your opinion/idea wrt the devmapper issue?02:30
tilmanmorning. will comment later02:35
jaegerI wonder when reading ceased to be a useful troubleshooting tool11:45
jaegerI missed that memo11:45
juetilman: have to leave soon and will not be able to be here the next two evenings, so it would be nice if we can come to some kind of decision today because I've time to do something tomorrow morning12:10
tilmansplitting libdevmapper from lvm seems a bit strange12:12
tilmancan we just move opt/lvm2 to core?12:12
jueyeah, sure12:13
juebut splitting out libdevmapper is the usual way12:14
juegentoo for example12:14
tilmanokay then12:14
juea pure libdevmapper port is really slim, just a lib and one binary12:16
jue+ header-file and man-page ;)12:16
juefine, I'll prepare the ports in that way than, ok?12:18
jaegernipuL: so do you have ports offered via rsync now for 2.6-multilib?13:09
jaegernm, I see you do :)13:10
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