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tilmanteK_: that's great to hear10:58
teK_yes. Currently I don't see another solution for booting off an encrypted / but using a initrd, any objections?10:59
teK_+hi tilman10:59
tilmanhow else would you boot off an encrypted / ?11:00
tilmani guess i meant to say: i don't know another way either :D11:00
teK_so the ideal solution would be <KERNEL booting> [ Enter Luks Passphrase: ]  <INIT 2.86 booting> <CRUX>11:02
tilmanyeah, i guess11:03
teK_i.e. no echo's no colors no anything from initrd11:03
teK_currently I'm using an adapted version from crux-2.*.iso11:03
teK_I will fine tune / adjust it until tonight and hopefully present it to you11:04
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teK_one thing I'll have to sort out is if a cryptsetup luksClose is necessary before shutdown/reboot; I was told it's unnecessary because the kernel will clean the pw-slots anyways11:05
teK_hi jue11:05
tilmani almost never luksClose my partitions11:07
juetilman: I've added a 'known issues with ..' section to TODO2611:07
tilmanso it seems as long as you umount the filesystems you're safe11:07
tilmanhi jue11:08
teK_I will check that finally11:08
teK_afk :11:08
juewe forgot to inject alsa-lib11:08
tilmanah, damn11:08
juefor most people not a problem because we are at firefox 3.5 anyway, but if you upgrade with 3.0.x installed11:09
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teK_tilman: I belive the kernel wants to make a fool of me14:59
teK_I generate the initrd with the kernel's script, gzip it and /bin/cryptsetup is in it (according to gunzip -c initrd.gz | cpio -t |grep cryptsetup) but on boottime it'll say init linexxx: /bin/cryptsetup not found15:00
tilmancan't help, i know nothing about initrd ;)15:02
tilmanexcept that it stands for initial ram disk15:02
teK_before this the kernel told me: failed to execute /init; i gzipped the image afterwards and suddenly it worked15:05
teK_I'm kinda mad currently15:05
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teK_found the error. d'oh ...16:36
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teK_how does this setup.dependencies thingy work exactly? I added cryptsetup-initrd: libdevmapper cryptsetup libgcrypt popt18:01
teK_but it only complains about the missing cryptsetup but not the other packes if I only select cryptsetup-initrd from opt for installation during setup18:01
teK_got it, I think. Nevermind (as usual)18:05
teK_jaeger: are you there? ;)18:18

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