IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2009-07-30

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jaegerteK_: I'm here now, what's up?08:59
teK_are there any commits pending for iso.git (kernel 2.6.30.x  for example)?09:00
teK_it should not matter that much but I built a test ISO with cryptsetup support last night and thought it'd be great if I could test my modifictaions with the newest shiniest git-repo available ;)09:01
jaegerI've got locally09:02
jaeger <-- these probably still apply09:02
teK_ah, we talked about that already.09:03
teK_thank you09:03
jaegerI could commit those, I guess, just don't know if anyone ran into problems09:03
teK_I didn't09:04
jaegerI don't remember if tilman or jue wanted to check them out first09:04
teK_though I did no complete bootstrap but make core opt iso09:04
teK_the interesting part is the  newer kernel though I think it should work flawlessly wrt cryptsetup09:04
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jaegerteK_: hope so :)09:22
jaegerWhat's the way to tell where my local git repo is compared to origin? in terms of which commit I'm on or whatever09:30
jaegerah, I guess git log shows that09:31
teK_and git status09:31
jaegerI looked at git status first but I don't see a commit ID, which is what I wanted09:32
teK_it states 'your ahead n commit(s) of ...'09:37
jaegerinteresting, didn't see that09:45
jaegermaybe because my local changes weren't committed?09:46
jaegerin "Changed but not updated" status09:47
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jaegerok, updated my local repo and building another bootstrap+iso to make sure I haven't broken anything12:08
teK_I did a s/ :)13:04
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teK_tilman: I uploaded a test ISO16:02
teK_interested? :)16:02
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