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jaegerI haven't looked at the crypto stuff myself, what does it actually accomplish?13:20
tilmanit allows you have use an encrypted / filesystem13:20
jaegerok, sounds like it could be quite useful :)13:21
teK_the git diff currently is empty except the new port in opt I added13:22
juejaeger: not sure about that, to have a data partition encrypted, yeah, but /?13:23
teK_the only thing I touched in core was /sbin/start_udev13:23
jueteK_: for git.iso as well?13:23
teK_/bin/mount -n -t tmpfs udev /dev -o exec,nosuid,mode=075513:23
teK_jue: I only added the port so the dependencie file got updated.13:24
teK_wait a second13:24
juejaeger: btw, may I ask you to update iso.git with your latest additions/changes?13:26
teK_most of the changes can be discarded13:27
teK_and I applied jaeger diff13:27
teK_so it's really non-intrusive.13:28
jueyeah, that true13:30
juewhat's in cryptsetup-initrd?13:31
juetilman: seems we need some additional docs ;)13:40
jueteK_: is there a reason why you've added the cryptsetup binary to iso/bin and not added opt/cyptsetup to ISO_PACKAGES?13:45
jueand we have to add cryptsetup to packages.opt of course13:47
jaegerjue: sure, I can this evening if needed, don't have access to it right now13:55
jaegerthat will be in about 4.5 hours13:55
juejaeger: no hurry, just thought about that13:56
teK_jue: the added binary is statically linked for usage in the initrd13:58
teK_btw: there's a (trivial) update for cryptsetup available but judging by I don't think opening a bug report won't help14:00
teK_and I have a comment on rc's /etc/rc.modules14:02
jueteK_: I don't see why cryptsetup has to be statically linked14:02
teK_all libraries would have to be included in the initrd14:03
jueother binaries going to $(SQUASHFS_DIR)/usr/bin like bash are not14:03
juewhat's the problem to include libcryptsetup?14:05
teK_cryptsetup needs alotof libraries to run?14:05
teK_I don't get your point, tbh14:05
juewell, it's a special case I'd like to avoid14:06
jueyou've seen the var ISO_PACKAGES in iso/Makefile?14:08
teK_you're speaking of the setup-time's cryptsetup14:08
teK_to answer your question: yes I saw/know ISO_PACKAGES14:09
jueteK_: if you need a special cryptsetup binary you have to create a Makefile target to build it14:10
juethat's what I mean with special case14:10
teK_you think it's bad to provide the cryptsetup binary already compiled in my cryptsetup-initrd package?14:11
teK_sorry if I don't get it14:11
juesure, you can do that14:12
juebut don't expect that I'll accept that this binary will be added to iso.git14:13
teK_so I'd better provide a directory with the Makefile or some target in the topmost Makefile to create this binary14:14
jueyeah, something like jaeger did e.g. for busybox14:16
teK_ok now I get it14:17
teK_so I have to make sure the buildtime dependencies are included in the ISO-chroot14:18
juein the simplest case you can wget it from serverop.de14:18
teK_or from :)14:18
jueyeah, we should avoid manual steps14:18
teK_of course14:18
teK_I will take care of this tonight14:19
teK_to get back to the /etc/rc.modules thing: there are kernels which don't support module loading so I suggest adding this before the depmod -a statement:14:20
teK_if [[ -f /proc/modules ]]; then14:20
teK_I will mail this to crux-devel, ok?14:20
jueyeah, the whole thing isn't a trivial addition, so going through crux-devel is the prefered way IMO14:21
juetilman: crytsetup + deps are mostly viper ports, popt is from nipuL14:27
juetilman: are you going to maintain that stuff?14:27
tilmani think i stole cryptsetup14:27
tilmanguess i could steal the other crap as well :|14:28
tilmandamn kinds who just disappear :D14:28
teK_let me know if I can help out.14:28
juetilman: don't forget popt, even though I hate it to see that on the iso14:30
juebecause other stuff will link against it most likely14:30
teK_on the ISO? If cryptsetup is statically linked, no additional packages are needed?14:31
tilmanwell, we should still ship the dependencies i think14:32
jueno, as package on the iso14:32
jueand therefor all deps as well14:33
teK_ah, I always thought all packages from opt are included on the ISO for installatin14:34
teK_my fault :)14:34
jueno ;-)14:34
tilmanthey are just there to ease our conscience ;D14:35
juewell, summer ends mid of september, right?14:37
juetilman: you remember that it was your idea to release 2.6 in summer? ;)14:40
tilmani seem to remember vaguely :)14:40
juethanks, nice14:43
juebasically I'm not in hurry, but as always it's really boring to maintain two different branches14:47
tilmanindeed :)14:47
jueso I'm not very happy about big changes in our current state14:47
juetilman: I'd suggest to decide next week wrt test2/rc114:58
* aon should hack at emacs15:04
aonto remove the ridiculous need for texinfo15:04
aonor perhaps just move texinfo to opt15:05
aoni'm sure the maintainer won't mind since we get along so well :)15:05
teK_I would have betted  it's romster *g*15:06
teK_yhafri :>15:08
aondoes yhafri have ports in contrib?15:09
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teK_mail sent. <>17:44
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jaegerhrmm, can't push my changes right now, apparently I don't have the right pubkey setup18:39
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