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nipuLugh, found more getline errors05:42
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tilmannipuL: sorry, i didn't see that :(12:31
tilmannipuL: can you repost the diff? the dpaste item is gone \o/12:40
jaegertilman: can you tell me which user@host key is set up for me at
tilmanjaeger: of course! i have crazy admin skillz! ;)12:43
jaegerI was gonna update iso.git but can't access it :)12:43
tilmanssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAA[...] root@dream12:43
jaegerhrmm, I've still got that key. wonder what I did12:44
jaegerohhh, I bet I tried to push from inside the chroot, not outside12:44
jaegertilman: thanks12:46
jaegerhrmmm, maybe I'm wrong. still can't get in even though that much of the key is the same12:48
tilmanjaeger: are you trying port 22 or 2222?12:49
jaegerwould you mind replacing my key?12:49
tilmanactually, i suck12:49
tilmansorry :(12:49
teK_i can do this, too (that's one of my duties, isn't it?)12:49
tilmanyour authorized_keys contains _three_ entries12:49
tilmani failed to see that12:49
tilmanjaeger: what i pasted is the beginning of your jaeger@freestyler key12:50
tilmanjaeger: but yeah, give me a new one and i'll put it in12:50
tilman(read: i'll ask tek to put it in :D)12:51
jaegerI'll msg it to you, teK_12:52
jaegerI've reinstalled this machine recently, perhaps I just forgot to save the proper key12:53
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teK_hello jue12:57
teK_Rotwang: there's an update available for libev12:59
teK_and it's envent.h conflicts with libevent13:00
teK_you're welcome13:00
Rotwangyes but libev is substitute of libevent, no?13:01
jaegerhrmm... how do I tell git to make my local 2.6 branch (which was cloned from the anonymous git) point to the authenticated origin?13:05
jaegerI changed origin to be a proper git+ssh url and fetched it but I already have a 2.6 branch13:05
teK_Rotwang: i had to install libev for i3 (window manager) and it demands  ev.h which is not included in libevent13:06
juejaeger: edit .git/config ?13:13
jaegerthat's far too easy :)13:13
RotwangteK_: so ill put libev headers to /usr/incklude/libev \o/13:15
Rotwangproblem solved13:15
* Rotwang earned a cookie13:15
jaegerI think I've broken it, my local 2.6 branch doesn't show up anymore13:15
* jaeger starts to unbreak it13:16
* teK_ trows a cookie at rotwang13:16
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juetilman: is there a reason to stick with cryptsetup 1.0.6? 1.0.7 is current13:27
teK_compiles/works flawlessly here13:28
teK_and the patch can be skipped13:28
tilmanwas .7 released recently?13:29
teK_they moved to
tilmani know13:30
tilmani had a look at their project page just 'recently'13:30
juetilman: please have a look ->
tilmanlibdevmapper is in core now?13:32
jueyeah, you remember the lilo issue?13:34
teK_well. Providing cryptsetup statically linked now is no problem anymore :)13:35
teK_that's basically what I did, too, yes13:38
teK_what do you think about the initrd-generating script?13:39
juesorry, not thought about yet13:41
teK_finally there should be a port for busybox, too13:43
teK_I could do it13:45
teK_the current configuration is the ISO's + stty support which is more than really needed I think13:46
juetilman: you've read the 'pkgmk error' mail? Looks like libarchive is linked against contrib/lzma13:53
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jaegerthe url for libdevmapper seems broken17:52
jaeger2.2.02.50 seems replaced with .5117:56
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nipuLugh, what's up with romsters ports lately23:20

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