IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2009-08-14

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sepenhi jue05:03
sepenjue, could you see that
sepenATM the syslog is not started if you have SERVICES=() in your rc.conf05:09
sepenIMHO we should keep syslog running even if you don't have any services05:13
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juesepen: agreeing05:17
sepenops, sorry the identation (I need a better .vimrc ;D)05:18
juesepen: sorry, was away05:37
juehow about -> if [ "$SYSLOG" -o "${SERVICES[*]}" ]; then05:38
sepennah' I'm always semi-away ;D05:38
sepenjue, it should does the trick too05:38
jueyeah, the benefit is that the syslog service name is printed along with the other services05:39
sepenhmm or ! -z $SYSLOG05:39
sepenjue, yeah "starting services: syslog ..."05:40
juehehe, ! -z is the same as -n which is the default ;)05:40
sepenyours seems better +105:40
juesepen: ok, I'll commit that, thanks for the hint :)05:41
sepenI can't see disadvantages for this changeset05:41
sepenthanks too05:41
sepenjue, you merged 2.6 into 2.605:47
jueyeah, I suck, that's because I pulled instead of fetch/rebase05:48
sepenohh, you made the commit with my name, thanks. could you use 'Bill Gates' instead the next time05:51
aonor perhaps ballmer05:53
aonand threaten to fucking kill google in the commit message05:53
juesepen: btw, I saw a new adobereader version with lots of security fixes05:56
sepennice, but one question, how I should use the [notify] messages?05:56
juestart the commit-message like this ->  -m "[notify] ......."05:58
sepenbut I should use more than 1 line?05:58
jueyopu can do that, the first word in it must be [notify], that's all05:59
sepenok. thanks06:00
sepenjue, but I see a second line starting with 'Security fix ...' here;a=commitdiff;h=d86a136456600c5c9cb22cd0b3b3bdabfe921b3206:04
jueyeah, you should keep the header line short06:07
sepeniirc I read a document about that in the past, but I can't find it now06:08
jueyou can either use multiple -m options or just omit the -m option, in which case your $EDITOR is started06:09
sepenah, like I use to do in svn commits, thanks06:09
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