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j^2yes #crux-devel is _always_ flooded01:48
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juetilman: ping11:41
teK_jue: where are the kernel sources supposed to be installed for opt/nvidia? /usr/src/linux?11:48
mike_k_afaik, /usr/src/linux is an obsolete convention anyway. /lib/modules/`uname -r`/{build,source} are preferred11:52
teK_fixed it. thanks a lot. Last time I figured out myself11:53
teK_I'm building my kernel in the tmpfs in /tmp and then moving it to ~ which breaks nv :)11:53
tilmanjue: pong11:54
juetilman: hello11:54
tilmanjue: i've been pretty inactive lately; real life stuff going on :D11:55
juewell, that's ok, I'd suggest anyway to go on with rc1 and skip the crypt stuff for now11:56
jueyour opinion?11:57
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teK_meaning I have to redo the stuff for 2.7 or whatever again12:02
jueteK_: sorry, but IMO your stuff is not really ready for addition12:03
tilmanjue: i didn't follow things lately, so i'm trusting your opinion12:04
jueteK_: but, of course, a contrib ISO would be nice12:04
juetilman: ok, thanks12:05
jueteK_: wrt nvidia, it's using /lib/modules/`uname -r`/.., as mike_k_ said12:06
juetilman: btw, did you intentionally skip the building of a static cryptsetup binary in opt/crypsetup?12:09
tilmangah, no12:10
tilmando you stil have the modified pkgfile?12:11
teK_jue: I'm missing suggestions/input.12:11
juewell, pastebin should have, mom12:11
jueteK_: didn't I do that? IIRC the next step was to do a busybox port?12:15
teK_+ the initrd generating port12:15
teK_I offered to make the busybox port12:15
jueyeah, sure, don't expext me to do that work12:16
jueteK_: but, honestly, I'd like to see a 2.6-rc1 the next days, mainly because it's a big pain to maintain two branches12:20
teK_jue: I'd already have done that I you told me12:21
teK_so what, it's already too late.12:21
jueteK_: what's so bad to have a contrib ISO with your crypt stuff for now?12:25
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teK_bad? Nothing. I just invested quite some time in it exactly because I wanted it to ship with 2.6. If that's the decision then there's no discussion. I will try to create a contributed ISO then.12:31
jueteK_: please remember, around 2 weeks ago we postponed the decision whether we go with test2 or rc1 for another week, to give you the time to finish the stuff12:32
teK_afaik the showstoppers are the 'missing' busybox port and the initrd-generating script (to write the latter I'd need input). Right?12:34
jueand, of course, we never promised to add it to 2.612:34
teK_I never expected you/thought you'd promise this12:35
teK_I try to help the community. Not the other way round12:35
juesure, as I do :)12:36
juebut, as I said already, we should spend more time/ideas how to integrate such things in a nice crux'alike way12:40
teK_if you plan to use the initrd-generating process for other purposes, too, then probably, yes.12:41
teK_I'll stick with the decision. I'll try to provide a contributed ISO.12:41
jueok, thanks12:42
juetilman: any objections/comments?12:43
tilmanENOTIME and all that12:59
juejaeger: may I ask you to build a 2.6-rc1?13:04
jaegercertainly, just say when and I'll update the ports13:05
juefine, I'd say as soon as you can13:06
jaegerI can start it now13:07
juewith linux 30.5, please :)13:07
jaegerI've already started the ports building, I'll work on the kernel update while that goes13:08
jaeger59 packages built, I love having a stable and fast build box set up again13:27
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