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juehi sepen10:09
sepenhey jue10:10
sepenjust reading the ML10:10
sepenI should test the usb's script with the new release10:12
jueyeah, that would be great10:12
sepenwell I recently answer to Mark about non-booting method for installations10:13
sepenI used this method on my desktop box at office10:15
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juetilman: ping11:47
tilmanhi, what's up?11:48
jueyou've read the mail wrt udev?11:48
tilmanthe one from the quasar guy?11:48
jueI think he's right11:49
jueand as I was there I've some other "fixes" for udev11:50
jue- the pkgconfig stuff should be in /usr/lib/pkgconfig11:50
jue- the devel lib in /usr/lib11:51
jueplease have a look ->
jueoc updated to 146 as well ;)11:53
tilmanudev.pc is in /usr/share/pkgconfig because it's architecture independent i think12:19
tilmanor do you mean libudev.pc?12:19
jueall our pkgconfig files are in /usr/lib/pkgconfig so I thought it make no sense if udev is only exception12:32
tilmanpkgconfig files for non-library go in share12:35
tilmanlibraries are arch-dependent, so they go in lib12:35
juewell, I basically agree, but than we have to fix a lot of ports ;)12:49
tilman99% of pkgconfig files are for some library12:50
jueooh, sorry, I got that wrong12:50
tilmani'm not talking about i686-vs-x86_64 or somesuch12:51
juethoght you want all *.pc files in /usr/share/pkgconfig12:51
tilmanjue: i learned this the hard way when i filed a bug against shared-mime-info because they put their pc file in /usr/share12:51
tilman"Fix location of devel lib"? mmmh12:52
tilmanwhy devel?12:52
jueok, but libudev.pc + should be in /usr/lib/..12:52
juethe library link without any version-info is called the devel lib?12:53
tilmannever heard about that12:53
juebecause it's never needed at runtime only at compile-time?12:54
juedunno for sure, maybe im wrong :)12:58
tilmanyour patch doesn't work for me13:06
tilmanseems $PKG/usr/lib isn't created yet13:06
tilmani don't really get why you moved the symlink to /usr13:09
jueyou've removed 'pkgconfigdir=/usr/lib/pkgconfig' from make install too?13:09
tilmanyes :P13:10
juewell, having that in /lib is definitely a bug13:10
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juelibudev.pc has the right path13:10
juethere are a lot of other libs from /lib theat do the same13:12
juelibnss_* for example13:13
jueor from util-linux-ng etc13:13
juethe .so link is useless in /lib, all programs ate linked against the versioned library13:15
jueif we have any oc13:16
juecool, I'm on the way to fix usbutils :(13:17
tilmanwrt /usr/lib/pkgconfig vs /usr/share/pkgconfig?13:20
jue/usr/share/pkgconfig is the right place here13:22
tilmanjue: i wouldn't bother fixing upstream bugs like these... it's not that big an issue13:22
_sepenoops, sorry13:23
tilman_sepen: :P13:23
juetilman: are you sure with /lib/pkgconfig? ;)13:24
juetilman: it wasn't an upstream bug, but my fault13:25
tilmanoh, i see13:25
juetilman: please run 'pkg-config --list-all | grep udev'13:32
juedo you have libudev?13:33
tilmanbecause /lib/pkgconfig isn't in my PKG_CONFIG_PATH13:33
tilmanwhere the hell is cptn :>13:34
jue.oO -> 'pkgconfigdir=/usr/lib/pkgconfig'13:35
tilmanjue: yes13:35
jueor maybe we can use a libdir=/usr/lib and move the libs to /lib13:36
aonwhat was the mail, then?13:36
tilmantoo late ;)13:36
tilmanoh ffs13:36
aonas for me, i'm installing windows 7 :)13:37
tilmandamn. i hadn't lost hope that cptn would get back :(13:49
jueyeah, me too13:50
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