IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2009-08-27

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nipuLcome on guys, can you atleast wait until i've finished my degree before retiring?01:40
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sepenRotwang, are you interested on contrib/ati?03:26
sepenI can't maintain it, my card is now supported only by legacy drivers, and 9.8 is out03:27
Rotwangsepen: mine too ;D04:57
Rotwangi have no way to test it so im not proper maintainer04:57
Rotwangbut thanks anyway04:57
sepenso I should write an announce to the ML before drop the port04:58
sepenmaybe someone is interested on it04:58
sepenI doubt it ;D04:58
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nipuLmaybe opt should be maintained by a team instead of individuals to counter the drop in maintainers, like core?07:13
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* mike_k dreams of that07:26
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