IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2009-08-28

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tilmanteK_: does the info from falk h. help?11:10
juetilman: have you seen ticket #483?12:29
tilmanjue: meh. not sure we should bother updating _gcc_ in 2.5 at this point12:33
juewell, I'd say no ;)12:36
juefound any problems with 2.6 so far?12:36
tilmanworks like a charm12:36
jueyep, same here12:37
jaegerstill works well for me, too :)12:37
juewhat's your opinion? the final release in about 1 or 2 weeks?12:42
tilmanone week should suffice i think12:45
jaegerI agree, should be ok12:45
juebut a new build with all the updates we have until now and probably the next days?12:46
jaegereasily done12:47
juesure, a new build is always a little risk, but I'll take the time to do some preceding tests with the new iso12:51
juewe have some important updates since rc1, most noticable perl12:52
juetilman: ?12:54
tilmando it! :D12:54
jaegerI always test a new ISO at least in VirtualBox, sometimes on one of my laptops as well12:54
juefine, decided :-)12:56
jaegerAre we going to consider sometime again in the future converting crux's main development to x86_64?13:52
teK_tilman: looking into it tomorrow13:55
teK_wrt initrd script: 11:55 <teK_> ja, Script/busybox wuerd ich machen, klar13:55
jaegerIs there a problem with the initrd?14:07
teK_for future use after-setup14:08
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