IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2009-08-31

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Rotwanghi jue07:36
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juetilman: got a footprint error for git, perl 5.10.111:41
tilmanoops, i'm still at 5.10.011:42
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tnut1Hello everybody14:38
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tnut1How are you jaeger15:03
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jaegernot bad, keeping busy... trying to debug a problem with someone else's perl script and dbd-sybase15:25
tnut1are you involve in the base devel of CRUX15:28
jaegerNot really, anymore15:28
tnut1(I don't remember if I spoke with you a few month ago about NuTyX15:28
jaegerIt doesn't ring a bell, I'm guessing that was someone else15:29
tnut1I'm the creator of this distribution15:29
tnut1and I build the base on LFS15:30
tnut1This was a long long way for me to decide15:30
tnut1(3 years ago)15:31
tnut1I used pkgutils prt-get and pkg-get :D15:32
tnut1Is it tilman who does mainly the base ?15:48
jaegerI think tilman and jue, I'm a bit out of touch15:48
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