IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2009-09-02

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rehabdollperms for /dev/dri/cardX seems a bit off, the udev rules are not applied09:21
rehabdolli get root:root, should be root:video, no?09:21
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tilmanjue: i think i'll be mostly offline from october til the end of november at least12:39
tilmanmoving to bodensee for a new job :)12:40
juetilman: cool, good luck with the new job :-)13:25
jaegercongrats, hope you enjoy it :)13:25
juebtw, do we have any reason to defer the final 2.6?13:30
jaegerI don't know of one, myself13:36
jueme neither, seems to be quite stable13:38
jaegeryeah, works greaet so far13:38
jaegerShould I build another ISO with updates to today?13:39
juewell, I'd say so13:40
jaegerI'll go ahead and start it13:40
jueany objections?13:40
jaegernone from me of course :)13:41
juetilman: ?13:42
juejaeger: I cleaned up our about page today a bit and thought that we should put you back on that page at least as a contributor, is that ok for you?13:46
tilmanjue: i'm fine with that13:47
tilmanand thanks13:47
juegood, so we will have 2.6 until end of the week13:48
jaegerhrmm, got a problem building glib13:52
jaegerjue: sure, that's fine13:52
jaegermaybe I forgot linux32 this time13:53
jaegeryep, oops13:56
juetags and ChangeLog are updated for 2.614:32
jaegerhandbook and release notes set?14:43
jueyeah, more or less ;)14:45
juetilman: please tag xorg.git with release-2.6, have no write permission14:58
jaegerAnyone else get a footprint mismatch with p5-xml-parser?16:22
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juejaeger: yeah, fixed now17:41
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