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juejaeger: you got my email?12:04
jaegersorry, I haven't been home much this weekend, I'll check for it12:06
jaegeryeah, it's up, check
juecool, thx :)12:08
teK_is this final final? :>12:25
jueyeah, hope so12:25
teK_I'm writing up the application mail tonight, promised :-)12:25
juegood :)12:26
teK_< master of incoherent babble12:27
juetilman: do you remeber who has branched contrib in the past?12:45
tilmanmmh. cptn maybe? :)12:47
tilmanaon or tek could do it i think12:47
tilmanor sepen12:47
aoni haven't branched contrib12:48
aoni probably don't have any ports there even12:48
tilmani meant you guys could do it now12:49
tilmanactually anybody could....12:49
tilmani guess i'm just a bit worried because of Past Issues :D12:49
* aon doesn't dare to touch git outside the normal routine12:49
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aonbecause of said past issues12:49
tilmanRotwang: did you branch contrib for 2.5?12:50
tilmanaon: it's really easy though12:50
aonlet me put it this way:12:51
tilman<3 aon12:51
Rotwangtilman ^12:51
mike_k_there would be some footprint mismatches for perl, I guess13:01
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tilmanjue: so, would you like to do it, or should i look for a "volunteer"? :)13:01
juewell, I'm testing 2.6 right now, would be nice to find someone else13:03
sepenI'll practice on the contrib-test.git ;D13:04
mike_khmm, what about "pkgmk with --ignore-new option" cptn's approach. I live with it for some time.13:05
sepenoh, the test reporitory dissapeared!13:06
sepentilman, it was removed after the last git repos maintenance?13:07
tilmannot that i know of :)13:10
tilmanteK_: would you like to volunteer and branch contrib for 2.6?13:10
teK_so, this means I have got to do what 'exactly'?  :)13:14
tilmanupdate your local clone of contrib13:34
tilman(fetch + rebase as usual)13:34
tilmangit checkout 2.513:34
tilmangit branch 2.613:34
tilmangit push origin 2.6:2.613:34
teK_give me a second :]13:35
teK_I ahte this gitweb-thingy14:22
teK_just another second..14:22
juejaeger: no issues so far :)14:26
jueupdated my laptop and a fresh qemu install14:28
juetilman: are you going to do a test with the new 2.6 as well?14:31
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teK_% git checkout 2.515:34
teK_Already on '2.5'15:34
teK_[tek@basra][~/contrib]% git branch 2.615:34
teK_[tek@basra][~/contrib]% git push origin 2.6:2.615:34
teK_Total 0 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0)15:34
teK_To crux:/home/crux/scm/ports/contrib.git * [new branch]      2.6 -> 2.615:34
teK_so the first reaction was not like d'oh /o\15:35
juewow, that was fast :)15:39
teK_tilman / jue  will you prepare the /home/crux/git-to-rsync-working-copy/contrib directory for rsyncd?15:55
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jueteK_: sorry, no plan here, we have to wait for Tilman16:04
teK_it's no big deal, one only cannot rsync (in /etc/ports/contrib.rsync) with 2.6 ;16:05
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