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mike_kjaeger: where is the iso that is to became final 2.6?03:07
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mike_kstupid me had even no time to test it.03:09
sepenI finally updated the usbdisk stuff
sepenI'm still doing tests, but if all seems ok I'll sent a mail to ML03:12
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jaegermike_k: sorry, was asleep when you asked but I see teK_ helped :)08:03
mike_kjaeger: np, thanks for building all that stuff08:03
jaegerglad to help08:04
rehabdollsepen: UDF-fs complains about "no partition found"08:08
sepenyeah, I tried to boot just a minute ago, and same error, I was wondering if it was my pendrive unit, but seems that I have an error, thanks08:09
sepenhmmm seems that 2.6.30.x does something different with usb devices, so I can't mount it08:25
sepenbut configs have no differences08:25
sepensome tried to mount a usbdisk device after booting from the 2.6 cdrom? (I mean with the default compiled kernel)08:55
sepenwell, I'll try when go back to home08:55
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tilmanteK_: ok11:56
juetilman: hi11:57
tilmanhi jue11:57
juefound no issues with 2.6, IMO we are ready for a release11:58
tilmani didn't test it though11:59
sepenwell, some tried to mount a usbdisk device after boot?11:59
tilmansepen: i'll update my usb packages and try that12:01
sepenok, I'll test on a second desktop, I had some problems when booting the usbdisk image (same kernel)12:02
sepenno idea if its only related to the usbdisk image I created12:02
juesepen: not with an usbstick but with my garmin gps and that's nearly the same12:05
sepenjue, problems or not?12:06
juenot booting, but to mount12:06
sepenmy usbdisk stick was mapped as sda and sdb, both at time12:06
sepenjust odd12:06
tilmanhuh o_O12:06
sepennah' seems like Im doing something wrong12:08
sepenanyways I'll try to reproduce it and catch a logfile12:08
tilmanyeah, that would help12:08
sepenbut not serial devices here, ;D12:09
tilmanjue: do you want me to test the new iso, or should we hit the big fat "release" button now? :)12:11
juejust did some tests with my usb-stick, works as expected12:14
jueso I'd say hit the button12:14
sepenyeah, jue it seems a problem related to the usbdisk script I built12:18
teK_tilman: I commited something to 2.6 some hours ago, why?12:21
tilmanteK_: because i just fixed the httpup/rsync export12:22
juesepen: works on two different boxes without any issues here, the stick is recognized as sdb, I can do a fdisk/mkfs and mount it as usual12:22
tilmanwhich will kick in once somebody pushes a changeset12:22
sepenjue, fdisk ? no no, I mean before chrooting to /newroot12:23
juesepen: I'm not booting from it12:23
sepenjue, forgot them, seems I should work more on the script12:24
teK_done tilman12:24
sepenjue, when the first init inside initramfs tries to mount the first rootfs it fails, not for the cdrom iso, so I supposse its my fault12:24
tilmani don't see cruxbot announcing it though12:24
tilmanprobably because it doesn't watch contrib/2.612:25
teK_guess so12:25
tilmanteK_: did you see an error message when pushing?12:25
sepenhehe tilman -> irctest.rb:repos = %w{opt core xorg contrib xfce}.map do |name|12:26
teK_   df276ef..179c547  2.6 -> 2.612:26
teK_ ! [rejected]        2.5 -> 2.5 (non-fast forward)12:26
sepentilman,, "2.4", "2.5", '2.6')12:26
sepentilman, seems that 2.6 should work too12:26
tilmanneeds a restart12:27
tilmanteK_: well, i meant re. 2.6 of course :>12:27
teK_everything else seem to work12:28
sepentilman, did you killed it?12:28
tilmanforgot to make the post-update script executable :)12:28
tilmansepen: noooooo, that must of been a coincidence }:->12:28
sepentilman, np -> */15 * * * * ~/bin/cruxbot12:28
tilmanteK_: got another change to push? :)12:29
tilmansepen: i know12:29
sepenbut tell me when I should restart it12:29
tilmansepen: i thought we'd just wait 15 minutes :)12:30
tilmanteK_: try again12:31
sepenautorestarted? no processes on, wtf!?12:31
teK_Total 4 (delta 3), reused 0 (delta 0)12:31
teK_Generating repository for directory '/home/crux/git-to-rsync-working-copy/contrib/'12:31
teK_To crux:/home/crux/scm/ports/contrib.git12:31
tilmanseems to work, yes12:32
sepenwell, congrats guys for the hard work!!12:33
sepenjue, tilman, and also jaeger for building the iso12:33
tilmani don't think he was referring to that stupid script12:33
sepenand the others who tested/contributed to it12:33
tilmansepen: congrats to you, too :)12:34
sepennot still, I want to fix the usbdisk script argargarf12:34
sepentilman, but I know how hard was to fight with e2fsprogs and the other stuff ;D12:35
tilmanjue did 90% of the real work for 2.612:35
tilmanmaybe 95% or even more12:36
tilmanjue: where's the final iso?12:36
teK_ ?12:36
jueyeah, that's the one I've tested12:37
tilmani'll have to remember how to create a torrent for it ;D12:39
sepenit would be fine to document this kind of task (create new git branch, new torrent, etc.) or at least a minifaq for the team12:41
treachtilman: you damn pirate, think of all the poor ms-employees who will lose their jobs now. you're practically stealing the money right out of their hands!12:41
tilmanjaeger: i see you're running the torrent tracker on again these days?12:41
treachwell done, btw. ;)12:42
tilmantreach: after reading about that windows-7-is-better-than-linux-because fud campaign i don't even feel bad about it :D12:42
treachheh, indeed.12:42
sepenwin7 is better than crux2.6, JA!12:43
teK_well sepen this can be cured by
tilmanjaeger: mmmmh, maybe you've been running it since crux-2.5 was released. my zsh_history seems to say so :)12:45
treachteK_: w7 is safer, easier to keep updated and even have parental controls, clearly it's better, no? :>12:45
sepen SMB2.0 Denial of Service Exploit?? ja0ja0jas12:45
sepenhey Bill, can I run $ ports -u on my w7?12:46
teK_it works with w2k8, too ;>12:46
treachwoot, what a miracle.12:46
tilmanjue: can you scp the crux 2.6 changelog file to please?12:50
jueyep, will do a final commit with release date set to today12:53
juewhere do you want it at
tilmanjust put it in your ~, i'll grab it from there12:57
jueok, done12:58
tilmanjue: can you try to seed the torrent please? not sure it's working13:00
tilmanor anyone else who has the iso already :)13:00
jaegertilman: I haven't looked at it recently, if you want to run it as another user that's fine by me13:01
tilmanjaeger: nah, i was just a bit surprised because i thought i was running it :D13:02
tilmanjaeger: do we need to restart bnbt to pick up the new torrent?13:02
tilmanit doesn't show up on
jaegerit might need to be chowned to me13:03
jaegerbarring that, restart bnbt13:03
jaegerit might need seeders to show up, too, not sure13:05
jaegerrtorrent tells me "tracker: could not parse bencoded data" when I try to seed13:08
tilmanmaybe the announce url is wrong13:09
tilmanpreviously we used
jaegerI think that's correct13:09
tilmanthis time i omitted the announce part13:09
tilmani re-created the torrent file13:10
jaegerok, will grab it13:11
jaegerrequested download is not authorized for use with this tracker13:12
tilmanjue: i see you're updating the wiki, too =)13:12
tilmanjaeger: can you restart bnbt?13:13
tilmani don't remember ever authorizing anything :]13:13
jaegersure, sec13:13
jaegerI think by authorized it means it has to have the .torrent in the right dir13:13
jaegerwhich it is, but bnbt hasn't been restarted13:13
tilmanyay, it's showing up on the website now13:15
tilmannipuL: how do i make portdb show 2.6 as the default set?13:17
sepentilman, by editing pdbcacher.php?13:19
sepensee the $collections array13:19
tilmanjaeger: it says seeders=1 now. looks good i think13:21
jaegerI'm starting a second seed now, too13:21
jaegerok, got my 2 up13:22
sepenI'll branch xfce 2.6 too13:24
tilmansepen: i'm not confident that this is the real place to change it though :(13:26
sepenI think that it is13:26
sepenand see rwx permissions to the opt group13:26
sepeniirc, the pdbcacher is executed by a crontab line (which I can't have enough permissions to read), when executed it updates the sqlitedb13:27
sepenthen the portdb reads from the sqlitedb13:28
sepenbut maybe I'm wrong, just all that I remember13:28
tilmansepen: can you update the pdbcacher then?13:29
sepencan someone verify the crontab line I suppossed?13:29
jaeger0 7 * * * /home/crux/bin/pdbcacher.php &> /home/crux/.pdbcacher.log13:30
sepenthanks jaeger13:30
jaegerI assume git_to_xxx needs to be updated as well13:31
tilmanalready did that13:31
sepentilman, I don't have enough permissions in the sqlitedb to delete entries13:34
tilmanwhat what what13:35
sepenat some point the pdbcacher script clean existing entries13:35
tilmanplease only update pdbcacher13:35
tilmanand let cron handle the hard work13:35
sepentomorrow at 7:00 it should be done ;D13:37
tilmanalright, i think i've updated all the relevant wiki pages13:38
sepenhmm I'll update the ContribHowTo13:40
teK_ is b0rken :]13:40
tilmanjaeger: thanks for your help with the iso building; it's appreciated13:48
jaegerno problem at all13:52
jaegerglad to help13:52
sepencan someone from the team resend me my wiki pass?13:56
jaegertilman: probably safe to remove rc1 from the rsync mirror, too13:58
tilmanoh, right13:59
tilmansepen: i don't :|14:00
sepenhmm, cptn created it iirc14:01
juesepen: will try14:05
sepenjue thanks ;D14:06
sepenmaybe that?
juecool, we have a new release :-)14:18
juewill try to build the source iso tomorrow or so14:18 is super-fast, they have 2.6 already14:20
sepenwell we also need some changes in Flyspray14:22
sepenReported Version, and Due in version14:22
sepenreported version + 2.6, due in version + 2.714:22
juesepen: right, but no idea how to configure that14:26
teK_there's an admin panel available if you're logged in :)14:26
sepennah' is not a big deal14:27
sepenteK_, I don't have admin privs14:27
jueteK_: me neither14:27
sepenwe can wait, really is not a problem14:28
juesepen: the question is if anyone of the active people has admin rights ;)14:30
* jue looks at tilman14:30
sepenjw, sip, tilman14:31
jueah, good to know14:31
sepenjue, the question is why you don't have14:31
teK_there's always a way [tm] [ mysql(1) ]14:32
sepenwithout vaseline?14:33
teK_I'm not talking about sexual practice14:34
teK_sepen: i'm using your usb-script but get the error:14:37
teK_sed: couldn't flush /tmp/.make_usbdisk/.img/boot/syslinux/sedrTjATd: No space left on device14:37
teK_sed: couldn't flush /tmp/.make_usbdisk/.img/boot/syslinux/sed8ScXWd: No space left on device14:37
teK_those are loopback mounts14:37
sepenteK_, just edit the TMP_DIR variable14:38
sepenor umount all loopback before14:38
sepenalso note that I still not announce it in the ML, its buggy ATM14:39
sepenpff sorry the bad english14:39
teK_it seems to work except that it produces the above error14:39
teK_I got it but why should I change tmp_dir?14:40
teK_i'm not out of memory or so14:40
sepenbut syslinux stuff could be broken14:40
sepenhow much /tmp did you have?14:40
teK_% df -h /tmp14:40
teK_Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on14:40
teK_/dev/sda2              80G   76G  4.9G  94% /14:40
teK_I umounted the tmpfs to exclude the space-problem. At first I tried with tmpfs and 4GB size14:41
sepenand mounted lo devices?14:41
teK_% mount | grep loop14:41
teK_the only loop-devices are those mounted by your script during execution14:42
sepengive me a try14:42
teK_there's a IMG_SIZE param14:42
teK_I'll increase this, wait :]14:42
sepenteK_, are you using this one?
teK_I took the one from the wiki14:44
teK_it has no version in the filename14:44
sepenplease try this one with 2.614:44
teK_doing this right now14:45
teK_burning it into the usb-drive, brb :-)14:45
teK_finished for me, too14:46
teK_it cannot find ram disk image /boot/initramfs14:50
teK_but /boot/initramfs is existant +  a valid cpio-archive14:54
sepenits buggy ATM, I'll remove it from my ~14:54
teK_that's sad :)14:55
sepenteK_, thanks for the report, I'm still working on it14:55
teK_memtest86+ works, though ;)14:55
sepennow time to prepare some food14:55
sepenteK_, lol14:55
teK_bon appetit14:55
sepenmerci ;D14:55
teK_<------- this is where my french ends14:55
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nipuLtilman: has 2.6 been released?17:54
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nipuLseems some one alwasy updated the portdb21:03
jaegerI think pdbcacher was updated but didn't know if the cron job was run manually21:09
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