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sepentilman, pdbcacher worked fine01:07
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sepenjaeger, did you have a log from the iso's building process? or a partial log of the make iso's stage?07:59
sepenI can't find lib/modules/ on the initramfs, is this right?08:00
sepenalso I found that using the unsquashfs in the iso:08:22
sepen$ tools/unsquashfs08:22
sepenFATAL: kernel too old08:22
sepenSegmentation fault08:22
sepenI think this could break the make_usbdisk on my host08:22
sepen*err is not used by the script08:23
jaegersepen: the fs drivers are in the squashfs08:42
jaegeralso unsquashfs executes fine for me in the iso tree, not sure about the installed version though I expect it would be the same08:43
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sepenjaeger, I was wondering if I need an extra fs driver (from the crux.squashfs image) to mount the usbdisk after boot08:50
* jue reads the log08:50
juesepen: all of that works for me08:53
sepenjust trying to find for what I can't mount the pendrive after booting from it (required for mounting the squashfs image too for pivoting to /newroot, and etc.)08:54
sepenthanks jue, I'm still working on the usbdisk stuff08:54
jueyeah, thought so08:55
juebut I can't reproduce the problems/errors you described08:56
sepennah' the problems where only tests08:57
sepenthe question is why I can't mount the usbdisk when booting from it? I can mount it when booting from the cdrom08:58
juehmm, you said that tools/unsquashfs segfaults08:58
jueand that you are missing a kernel-module dir ;)08:58
sepenno no, its not related to unsquashfs08:59
jaegerI'm not familiar with your usbdisk stuff but if you can list all the steps that happen we could figure out what's happening, probably09:00
sepenwhen syslinux boots the usbdisk, it puts a kernel image and initramfs on your ram, so from it the init script tries to mount the boot-media device09:00
sepenis that right?09:00
jaegerI can't speak for the usbdisk but that's basically what happens with the CD boot09:01
sepenyeah, its the same09:01
sepenjust change isolinux by syslinux09:01
jaegerthe initramfs consists of the modules needed to find the cdrom and script to get started... there can be others but that's where it starts09:01
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sepenwell, in this step the init (from your ramdisk) tries to mount the cdrom on the iso, the usbdisk's init tries to mount the usbdisk media09:02
sepenjaeger, its similar09:02
sepenbut at this point, I can't mount the usbdisk (required to get crux.squashfs and to continue to boot process)09:03
jaegerIs your init pasted somewhere I can view it?09:04
sepenand this is the 'diff' from the original
sepenfrom the diff, line 25 I think is the more important (USB_DEVICES)09:10
jaegerAnd where does it fail? What's the error?09:15
sepencan't 'find_and_mount_usbdisk'09:16
jaegerthat's literally what the error says?09:16
sepen"Spawning a shell for you to attempt to fix this problem...."09:17
jaegerok, and when you try to manually mount the usbdisk, what error do you get?09:18
sepenfirst, dmesg show 2 different devices, sda and sdb09:18
sepenbut seems that the kernel is mixing both of them09:18
sepenthen when trying to mount manually I can't remember the error exactly but I can't mount any of them09:19
sepenthats for what I think I need more fs or something09:20
jaegerIf the kernel is truly mixing devices I'd say you have bad hardware, I can't think of a situation where it would do that with block devices intentionally09:20
sepencat /proc/filesystem has only a couple of them09:20
jaegerWhich filesystem is used on the usbdisk?09:20
sepenjaeger, I though so but I tested it on 2 boxes with 3 different usbdisk09:20
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jaegerWhat does dmesg actually say about both devices?09:21
sepenthe usbdisk is in superfloppy format, dosfs for the whole sda, or sdb09:21
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jaegerooh, I just thought of something, is this a U3-formatted usbdisk?09:21
sepenjaeger, I can't obtain a capture of dmesg, just waiting to arrive to home to take a photo or something09:21
jaeger"A U3 flash drive presents itself to the host system as a USB hub with a CD drive and standard USB mass storage device attached."09:22
sepenI formated with mkdosfs09:22
jaegerthe fake cd drive would still show up09:22
jaegerbut theoretically it should work anyway as long as the script does the right thing09:23
sepenjaeger, but I didn't have errors in the past09:23
sepenthe usbdisk worked fine with 2.509:23
jaegerdid you compare the kernel configs between 2.5 and 2.6?09:23
jaegerat least the filesystems part09:23
jaegerMy guess would be that you used to have CONFIG_MSDOS_FS=y in the config09:24
jaegernot familiar with superfloppy09:26
jaegera quick google search leads me to believe it would only create sda or sdb, not both09:27
sepenjaeger, I'll look in the kernel config changes09:36
sepenthanks for the support, I apreciated it so much09:36
jaegernp, hope it helps09:37
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sepenuff, lot of changes between kernel series
sepenI'll try to investigate a bit more, now time to go home10:22
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rehabdollisnt giflib a replacement for libungif?18:05
treach"It is API and ABI compatible with libungif which was in wide use while the LZW compression algorithm was patented." I'd say libungif was the replacement. :>18:13
treachfwiw, at least suse uses giflib rather than libungif these days.18:14
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rehabdollyeah the patents expired18:22
rehabdollso seems giflib is back! :)18:22
rehabdollbtw, new firefox...18:23

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