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sepencan't chroot a 2.6 with my current kernel :|04:03
sepen$ sudo chroot /crux-2.6/ /bin/bash04:04
sepenFATAL: kernel too old04:04
sepenI'm using at office yet04:04
pitilloweno, antes estaba haciendo referencia al initrd praa generar las imagenes y he patinado, voi a tirar de installer para prepararme el xiringo04:09
pitilloarf :(04:10
sepenmaybe it was due to that?04:12
sepen-                                --enable-kernel=2.6.16 \04:12
sepen+                                --enable-kernel=2.6.27 \04:12
sepenwhy not since 2.6.0?04:14
aoncan't you change the kernel?04:17
sepenon a production box┬┐?04:18
sepenI prefer don't restart it04:18
sepenaon, or you mean on glibc?04:18
aonno, i meant kernel04:19
aonbut ok04:19
sepenwell I can re-build glibc with 2.6.0 and try newly04:20
mike_kdamn, I have the same issue as the last ML person. On Xen VDS though.04:38
pitillomike_k: kernel support (IDE/SATA controllers) is correct? (supposing FS is inside too)04:39
pitillohere updating a production server img under vmware (rebooting at the moment)04:40
mike_kkernel is out of my control there. they have custom xen-enabled kernels.04:40
mike_kthere is a way (hard way) to build my own, but I'd like to avoid that for now.04:41
pitilloummmm that error seems hard for me (I can only confuse you with my comments), I have no experience with Xen, sorry04:42
mike_kthe fun thing is that I have a working 2.5 box with the same kernel there on the other host machine. it might be the host machine-related issue.04:44
pitillosmells like a HD detection problem (not sure if it can be related to this really)04:44
pitillomike_k: have you tried to diff both configs to see differences?04:44
mike_kI mean the _same_ kernel04:45
mike_kthe partitioning is not that custom however.04:45
pitillomike_k: same error here04:46
pitillolet's see what's happening (here same oldonconfig from a 2.6.29 and re-checked)04:47
mike_kpitillo: uff, my problem is related to the wrong boot device choice in Xen setup04:55
pitillomike_k: I don't know atm which is mine. I will deep a bit more in kernel config to see if I made something wrong.04:57
mike_kgood luck04:57
pitilloimported a broken .config file here to build the kernel...05:24
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sepen<pitillo> mike_k: have you tried to diff both configs to see differences?05:27
sepenhi jue05:27
pitillosas support05:31
pitilloplaying with sas support the last time and adding it booted up properly. Time to verify a bit more before putting it on production05:33
pitillothank you all for your great job05:33
juesepen: to have less compatible stuff in glibc, see also
sepenjue, right I have seen it05:36
sepenso ATM I've a production box which can't be upgraded without a reboot05:38
sepenI'll try to recompile my own glibc, that could do the trick?05:39
juebut not sure if there other side effects05:42
sepenwell these side effect couldn't be worst than 'FATAL: kernel too old'05:43
juebut anyway, I'd upgrade the kernel to at least 2.6.2705:44
sepenon remote boxes?05:45
sepenI don't have kexec on them ;D05:46
sepenjue, also note that I'm using crux (in chroot) on many systems (centos5.3, fedora's core, etc.) which are older than 2.6.2705:53
sepen*debian too05:53
sepen2.6.18 is used as 'stable' for many distros05:54
juefor serious work?05:54
sepenjust I can't install a kernel on them05:55
sepenmail, firewall, or dns boxes on production05:56
sepennah' I'll maintain glibc-compat on my private collection if all seems ok (and does the trick)05:57
jueno, I mean why do you need crux in a chroot environment on debian etc ?05:59
juejust curious ;)05:59
sepenjue, to develop ports on a fresh environment06:04
sepenalso I'm running some local services (mlnetd, webfsd, etc.)06:05
sepenand wtf! ;D I like crux, so I use crux on debian,centos,etc.06:05
sepenATM we have named chrooted, why not have the last named chrooted with crux on the same box?06:06
jueok, though not fully convinced yet ;)06:11
juetilman: uploaded the 2.6 source iso ->
teK_sepen: switch to (full) CRUX06:13
juetilman: btw, the latest link needs an update06:15
sepenteK_, sure, but at home, not here at office ;D06:18
sepenits not my decission here06:18
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sepenglibc-compat worked fine, I pushed it in my repo if helps someone07:48
sepenwhat you can not do with crux? ;D07:50
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tilmanjue: fixed11:04
tilmanjue: i'm grabbing the source iso now11:04
tilmanjue: done11:09
teK_omg, ML-quoting awfullness in boot failed helpme!11:20
teK_err.. I meant: hello people! :)11:20
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tilmanwhere's the quoting awefulness?11:23
tilmanhi, too11:23
tilmanbecause he quoted it all?11:24
tilmancould be worse11:25
teK_could'nt be worse11:25
teK_i can't think of anything, that11:25
teK_(in spirit of your signature :>)11:25
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sepenteK_, tilman, god!11:53
teK_yeah, what about the children!11:53
tilmansepen: what's up?11:54
sepenna' the ML11:54
sepenthe next time I'll quote all the entire thread ;D11:55
teK_I will mail you RFC822 daily a thousand times11:55
sepenteK_, your ip is on my blacklist ;D11:56
sepenwith a hook to reply a ping of death11:56
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