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mike_khow should I fix libxcb issues after an upgrade to 2.6? many apps want to link with libxcb-xlib.la09:30
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mike_k suggests an ugly 'fix'09:38
jaegerI haven't run into that myself but my guess would be to rebuild apps that are looking for it09:42
mike_kthey fail to load the .so, but rebuilding them shows that they want the .la09:44
mike_kfor example: xchat:  pygtk:
jaegerperhaps a library that the app links against needs to be rebuilt as well?09:57
jaegerJust a guess, I haven't had to fix that09:58
mike_kthanks anyway10:00
jaegerMight be a good thing to have a solution in the wiki for10:02
* mike_k is diving into 'rebuild almost all' nightmare10:10
aonare there any needs for crux-related web apps?10:24
mike_klike what?10:25
aoni dunno10:25
aonwe talked about web-ck4up with cptn, perhaps i'll do that10:25
aon(i'll probably need a subject for some coursework)10:25
mike_kah, that is nice10:25
teK_what about the portdb search? Is it already fully refurbished?10:25
aon(and probably too simple to qualify)10:27
juebtw, prt-utils is currently unmaintained, volunteers?10:59
jueI mean not the port, but the prog collection11:00
sepenjue, doing what?11:01
teK_what'd mainting it mean?11:01
juewell, collect patches if any, fix bugs, add new progs etc.11:02
sepenat least pkg-backup could be a candidate to add11:03
teK_I can do it11:04
teK_if sepen doesn't want to11:04
sepenjue, if you mean updating the whitelist if could be easy11:04
sepenteK_, feel free11:04
teK_FIRST and foremost I'm going to apply to opt NOW11:05
sepenI think I could contribute too11:05
teK_sepen: I'd be glad to see you contribute :]11:05
juesepen: no, I'll still care about prtverify11:06
juebut the other progs need some love too ;)11:07
sepenops, I should use tinyurl next time11:08
juesepen, that's pkgutils, I'm talking about prt-utils11:09
aonsepen: that's not such a long url :)11:09
sepenrejmerge is part of prt-utils11:09
teK_pkginfo -l prt-utils (if it is installed) @sepen ;)11:09
sepen$ pkginfo -o rejmerge$11:10
sepenyea, pkgutils11:10
sepenI smoked a lot oP11:10
teK_smoked what?11:11
sepenwell I've a replacement for prtcreate which uses templates for the Pkgfile, etc.11:12
sepenbut no more interest on it11:12
teK_i'd like to create a port for tornado (facebook webserver) but there's a c64 game with that name in contrib11:15
sepenlike the site
teK_wtf.. did not read the web part11:18
teK_thank you jose :-)11:18
sepenmike_k, I suggested something like $ prt-get depupdate foo (or prt-get update --with-deps foo)11:21
sepenmike_k, I'm just using this from my bashrc $ prt_depupdate() { prt-get update -fr $(prt-get quickdep $1); }11:28
mike_kteK_: just looked at tornado. nice if you'll make a port.11:33
mike_ksepen: nice, but building all this can take a while on my lappy11:33
sepena nice nithgly task ;D11:34
teK_mike_k: yeah finish *some* mail11:34
mike_kI meant, interesting to look at that tornado in general. looks similar to django and very compact.11:49
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