IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2009-09-13

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tilmanrehabdoll: push a commit to its 2.6 branch and let me know whether it worked03:22
tilmanrehabdoll: you'll see some 'exporting to' message when pushing. or terrifying error messages :)03:23
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tilmani keep forgetting to chmod g+w that crap07:56
tilmanrehabdoll: try again07:56
rehabdollthink it worked, lots of timestamp warnings though07:59
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rehabdollbtw, what are the chances of giving me +w to core-x86_64 ? would be nice to be able to drop my personal core-repo10:56
tilmanrehabdoll: i proposed that to you some time ago, but you didn't respond :)11:00
tilmanrehabdoll: anyway, absolutely!11:00
tilmani guess i should have asked again11:25
tilmanback then i figured you wanted to keep your own repo11:25
tilmanhaha wtf?11:25
tilmanrehabdoll: you already are in the corex8664 group11:26
rehabdollcould you make core-x86_64/2.6 rsync'able11:26
rehabdolllol, i thought you just changed that11:26
rehabdolli pushed som stuff just now :)11:26
tilmanlol who did that?11:26
jaegerhaha, nice :)11:27
teK_opps :)11:27
teK_I guess 'we' can delete it11:27
tilmanrehabdoll: i added the rsync stuff. try pushing some more stuff11:28
tilmanokay, go ahead11:29
tilmanand if anyone else wants write access to wherever, let me know11:30
jaegerThat's pretty open-ended :)11:31
tilmanin more than one way11:32
rehabdollerror: unable to create temporary sha1 filename ./objects/ef: File exists11:32
tilmantry again11:33
teK_tilman: did you delete the backup?11:34
tilmanteK_: no11:35
tilmanteK_: i was amused about the name of the backup, not about the backup itself :)11:35
teK_yeah I always do this to catch (my) attention11:36
rehabdollhas anyone played around with btrfs? treach asked me to add it to a 64bit iso and i was wondering if the btrfs-progs-tarballs are recent enough to include13:26
jaegerI haven't yet, been meaning to try it on something non-important13:42
tilmanrehabdoll: treach is crazy :D14:35
rehabdollits a swede-thing14:43
tilmanprobably due to prohibition(?) in 19xx(?) :>14:46
aonfor some reason that reminded me of this:
aondunno why15:22
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