IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2009-09-14

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sepenssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out01:15
sepensomething is happening with crux.nu01:16
sepencan't fetch git repos by timeout01:16
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teK_tilman: did gegl build for you after I introduced --disabledocs?02:38
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tilmansepen: use port 222203:55
sepentilman, nah' now is working fine, just was a bandwith congestion or something similar03:55
tilman_use_ _port_ _2222_03:56
tilmando not use use port 22 when connecting to crux.nu03:56
teK_god will eat a kitten each time you do03:57
sepentilman, some piece of my .ssh/config
tilmanteK_: yes, --disabledocs seemed to fix it03:58
sepentilman, and please do not repeat it03:59
tilmanteK_: consider what happens when someone else takes over the gegl port03:59
tilmanthey'll probably wonder why you're passing --disable-docs04:00
tilmanyou didn't mention a build failure and/or ruby anywhere :P04:00
teK_tilman: good point (though documentation is largely overestimated :P). Will fix it tonight. Thx04:01
tilmanteK_: just saw your mail. cool shit :D04:01
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teK_uhm. Which E-Mail? opt-Application?04:02
teK_looking froward to it :]04:04
tilmanteK_: can you also pick up ports that are now left unmaintained? ie simon\s, johannes04:14
tilman\ and richard\s stuff?04:15
teK_jue suggested that, yes04:16
aonare the unmaintained ports still not tagged in any way? :)04:16
teK_aon: a simple grep will do it I think04:17
aonyeah, i guess04:18
tilmanwhat did nipul say we should do with his ports?04:19
pitilloeso ia kambia04:20
juetilman: he added it to OrphanedPorts04:21
tilmanokay, so he wanted tus to adopt them (until he returns)04:24
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tilmanteK_: added you to the opt group04:32
teK_I'd better compile a list of unmaintend ports in the wiki, just as we did before my contrib application (when prologic retired)04:34
teK_oh, good04:48
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rehabdollteK_: fluxbox 1.1.1 is considered "stable" by the devs15:16
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teK_rehabdoll: where/16:21
rehabdollirc :)18:39
rehabdoll<mark-t> rehabdoll: yes, it's stable18:40
rehabdoll<mark-t> development means "this is something that somebody has worked on within the past few years, and we won't kick you out for asking for support"18:40

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