IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2009-09-15

pitillohello, can someone fix core/db/.md5sum in 2.5 branch? for patch 4 (or touch 2.5 branch isn't a good idea?)04:26
tilman2.5 isn't updated anymore really04:29
pitilloI thought that tilman, but with the last db update I thought it can be better to keep a good md5sum there too, sorry if this question doesn't have sense. Thank you for your reply.04:30
tilmanyou have a point :)04:31
tilmancan you paste a patch for the port?04:32
pitilloummm I think it's patched, only needs the md5sum update for patch number 4 (the same as 2.6 branch), I will review it again to confirm this04:33
pitilloit isn't update, it has the old patch from upstream (I thought it was patched too like in 2.6), sorry04:34
tilmanso we don't need to fix it?04:35
pitilloummm it will don't compile under 2.5, it needs the same update as 2.6 branch04:36
pitillolike jue told, upstream changed the patch, with this change the -p1 and the md5sum will give problems04:37
pitilloI am atm sysuping a 2.5 and I saw this problem, fixing it by hand (picking the 2.6 db Pkgfile)04:37
teK_rehabdoll: I'll give it a try tonight, thx04:39
tilmanpitillo: done04:42
pitillotilman: thank you. I will check :)04:43
pitillotilman: only one more change, the patch (-p1). Sorry for the bad explanation before.04:45
tilmanthat patch is reversed, right?04:50
pitilloummm orig is the original at 2.5 branch, not sure if it's reversed sorry04:51
tilmanno, i was looking at the wrong branch04:53
pitilloah ok, sorry for mixing and explaining things not so well04:53
tilmanhopefully it's okay now04:54
pitillolet's see04:54
pitilloummmm I think I am confusing you04:55
pitillothe port in 2.5 branch must be the same as in 2.6 branch (Pkgfile and md5sum)04:57
tilmanthat's what i did04:58
tilmanpitillo: when i said "hopefully it's ok now" i was referring to the 2nd commit that i pushed (see #crux)04:58
pitilloyeah, I saw it tilman, ports -u core twice to confirm that. I will check again04:58
tilmanremember that in 2.5 you need to wait up to 5 minutes until you'll receive the updates when running ports -u04:59
pitillotilman: a few minutes to sync... it's perfect.04:59
pitilloyeah, sorry tilman, thank you very much04:59
tilmanpitillo: you should switch to 2.6 though :D05:00
pitilloyeah tilman, I am moving machines bit by bit to 2.605:00
pitillobut atm I need a 2.5 chrooted enviroment and I saw that05:00
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teK_omg viper quit14:34
tilmanhe's been inactive since 12 months or so :)14:35
tilmandue to his studies afaik14:36
* teK_ updated
tilmanteK_: i think you misgrepped14:40
teK_darn :P14:40
tilmanteK_: i already adopted opt/cryptsetup some time ago. grep for maintainer :)14:40
tilmanmmh, err.14:40
teK_ah, shit14:40
tilmanmaybe you grepped 2.5?14:40
tilmansimon's name doesn't appear in opt/cryptsetup/Pkgfile at all14:40
teK_I marked the ports, I'd like to take over:
tilmanteK_: you want gnupg but not the deps? (libassuan etc) }:>15:03
teK_I already thought of that and I'd take the deps, too15:03
teK_just too lazy to resolv them right now15:04
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