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jueteK_: you forgot to mark the deps of gnupg in OrphanedPorts, right?05:49
teK_no. I am going to clean up my ck4up.conf tonight (as I did already until 1am yesterday) and then I will incorporate the opt packages + dependencies into it and take them over (wiki/opt-Repo)05:50
teK_I doubt I will be able to finish this process tonight, though05:50
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jueteK_: ok06:13
teK_rehabdoll: have you seen the fluxbox upgrade?06:16
rehabdollyes, i run it now06:18
teK_I switched, too. I 'suffered' from the root-menu behaviour describe in my README annoyed me too much (I have used 1.0.0-rc2 for ages)06:21
rehabdolli had some issues on my desktop with the window icons in the taskbar moving around when the windows changed focus. fixed it by playing around in the configure menu07:34
juerehabdoll: btw, not important but that commit should be reverted ->
rehabdolloops, sorry07:46
pitillovoi a meterle a pinxo un linux version 2 a ver07:47
pitilloall days I lost the window, I'm sorry07:47
rehabdolljue, cups still install stuff in $PKG/etc/{rc*.d,init.d} for me, any specific reason why you changed that?07:54
juehmm, no07:57
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jueguess the install target needs a -j1, will try08:03
jueyeah, works for me08:05
juerehabdoll: works that for you as well?08:07
rehabdollhmm, no08:25
rehabdollyou just changed make -j1 install ... ?08:25
rehabdoll+ rm -r '/usr/ports/opt/cups/work/pkg/etc/rc.d/*'08:25
rehabdollrm: cannot remove `/usr/ports/opt/cups/work/pkg/etc/rc.d/*': No such file or directory08:25
pitilloummmm sabes komo puedo pasar los includes de nuestra TC?08:26
* rehabdoll slaps pitillo 08:26
pitillosorry again08:26
pitilloI need more slapping... bad hours here :( (siesta time)08:27
juehmm, strange08:27
* rehabdoll slaps pitillo x208:27
juerehabdoll: please comment out the rm statement and paste me the footprint diff08:28
juethat's what I get ->
rehabdolli get those dirs directly in /etc instead08:31
jueso the 'rm -r $PKG/etc/rc.d/*' is ok08:31
rehabdollno, i would need rm -r $PKG/etc/{init.d,rc*.d}08:31
juedo you have /etc/rc*.d dirs on your system?08:32
rehabdollnoting gets installed in $PKG/etc/rc.d08:32
rehabdollthats whats so wierd08:32
rehabdollbut i must have something diffrent installed than you somewhere08:32
jueyeah, seems that cups has some auto-detect crap08:33
rehabdollthere is a --with-rcdir option in configure08:35
rehabdolland rclevel08:35
jueplease try --without-rcdir08:38
rehabdollyeah, works08:46
jueok, thanks08:46
rehabdollyou can even trim the Pkgfile with a couple of char's with that :)08:46
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sepenjaeger, ping10:41
jaegersepen: good timing, I have something for you to look at :)10:41
jaegerI need to test it again as I've added one more change since my last test, but I was able to succesfully install crux on my eeepc from usb using this10:42
jaeger(with unetbootin)10:42
sepenI not sure these lines work:10:43
sepen+       # dos/vfat filesystems support10:43
sepen+       modprobe vfat10:43
sepen+       modprobe msdos10:43
jaegeralso, sed *is* compiled into busybox, it's just not linked (which I changed in this patch)10:43
sepenjaeger, I booted from a pendrive partitioned as sda + sda110:43
jaegerMine is partitioned the same way10:43
jaegerformatted with vfat10:43
jaeger(sda1 is vfat)10:43
sepenyep, but after boot, I still can't mount the sda110:44
sepenthe mount program said 'Invalid argument'10:44
jaegerprobably because the kernel didn't have fat/vfat support10:44
sepenjust I tried mount /dev/sda1 /mnt10:44
sepenjaeger, yeah, that is what I said you sometime ago10:44
jaegerread the rest of the patch10:45
sepen#crux-devel -> 09Sep200910:45
jaegerit's not for just init10:45
sepenjaeger, cool, fat modules are in the initramfs10:45
jaegerI'm going to also test booting and installing from an SD with this10:45
jaegeryes :)10:45
sepenthat will do the trick, ofcourse10:45
sepen+/dev/media /media auto ro 0 010:46
jaegerI modified the sed and grep expression for USB_DEVICES even more, take a look at that10:46
jaegerallows hdXY as well as sdXY10:46
jaegerI haven't tested it for that yet but theoretically it should also allow installing from another partition on the local machine that's formatted with ext2/ext3, reiserfs, jfs, xfs, fat, vfat10:48
sepenthe boss is near me10:49
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sepenjaeger, sorry, not enought time here at office, I'll return from home at 19:00 or so11:06
sepenanyways thanks for your work, I'll see the diff newly when arrived to home11:06
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sepenjaeger, here again, sorry I have a lot of work these days at office :|11:45
sepenjaeger, I like the change, do you plain similar changes for net-setup?11:48
sepenjaeger, did you have 2.6-testmedia available from any place?12:06
sepennow it's easy to create the image, I don't need to regenerate the initramfs file, cool!
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teK_25/33 ports moved under my control *puh*17:33
teK_falling into bed right now17:33
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