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tilmanteK_: thanks03:38
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pitillohello tilman, are the configure options for zsh (--with-curses-terminfo and --enable-lfs) used? (I don't use it but atm I'm checking the Pkgfile and the port)03:58
tilmanhi pitillo03:59
tilmanpitillo: i'd have to investigate03:59
pitillotilman: perfect, I will read carefully the log to confirm that (atm playing with that port :)03:59
pitilloI'm getting a footprint mistmatch cross compiling it (I need more info about zsh)04:02
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pitillojue_: there is an update for whois (the older version isn't in the repo)04:41
tilmanare you looking at 2.5 ports again? :P04:46
tilmanin 2.6, opt/whois is at 4.7.3604:46
pitilloyou are right tilman, I'm sorry (inside lot of sites, atm in 2.5)04:47
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pitillose pillan movidas del host en el mc tambien05:14
pitilloarf :( sorry05:15
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jue_tilman: got a footprint error with xulrunner ->
tilmani don't know what that sh*t is about06:58
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tilmani prefer NEW over MISSINGs though :P06:58
jue_well, I got this while bootstrapping the i586 too06:58
jue_IMO that should work in any case06:59
tilmani'll see what i can find about this issue07:02
tilmanapparently --disable-necko-wifi should do the trick :]07:02
jue_that's after 28 hours building :(07:02
tilmanugh, sorry07:03
jue_hehe, np :)07:03
tilmanthat necko-wifi stuff depends on opt/wireless-tools07:03
tilmanso i suggest we disable necko-wifi in xulrunner07:04
tilmanokay, done07:04
jue_tilman: done?07:36
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tilmanjue: no, i'm doing two test builds to make sure i'm fixing the right problem07:37
tilmani'll let you know when i push the fix07:37
jueok, thanks07:37
teK_jue: php update \o/ (a version bump suffices here)08:12
jaegerI saw that same mismatch on a sysup08:17
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jueteK_: thx, my hope was to switch to 5.3.1, but looks like we have to do 5.2.11 first08:54
teK_there are some security fixes, yes08:54
tilmanjue: done09:09
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sepenjaeger, could I download -testmedia?11:19
jaegersure, go ahead11:21
jaegerIt's in the same place as the diff11:22
sepenah ok11:22
jaegerI tested it with usb, worked great. I plan to test it today in virtualbox to make sure none of the normal cdrom functionality broke, then test it tonight from an SD card, didn't get time to do that yesterday11:23
sepenjaeger I saw your comments about the fsck messages on boot11:24
jaegerI fixed that, fortunately11:24
sepenI've the same issue when booting on a ext2 partition11:24
sepenext2, but not related to the usb stuff11:25
jaegerit was just the clock being switched between UTC and local11:25
sependid you add some lines to rc or what's the trick?11:26
sepenjaeger, all tests you did were with unetbootin?11:28
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jaegerI'm in and out of my office a lot today but if sepen comes back, yes, all my tests were done with unetbootin14:01
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sepenjaeger, me the same, now watching tv with my girlfriend, maybe I'll stay here later ;D16:24
teK_=== 'brb (when she fell asleep)'16:25
sepenhard work at office these days16:25
sepenteK_, hehe, sure16:25
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sepenshe's sleeping :p17:41
sepennow it's time for a tea :D17:47
jaegersepen: I'm testing -testmedia in virtualbox now as a normal cd17:47
sepenI'm making a pendrive here, just using these lines as a base
jaegerso far it's working fine. I'm going to test booting the SD card on the eee next17:48
jaegerlooks good (the readme) - it reminds me I forgot to change the isolinux stuff17:50
sepenheh I installed crux on a cflash in the past, but it dies for too many write cycles17:50
sepenjaeger, the isolinux stuff really it's the only you need for create the usb17:51
sepenafter your changeset it's easiest to have a pendrive ;D17:51
jaegerI was just thinking of the "CD-ROM" text type things17:51
sepenI've a sed line for the CR-ROM text17:52
jaegeryes, that's what reminded me17:52
sepenbut I don't like s/cdrom/usbdisk17:52
sepenI prefer live media17:53
jaegerI was gonna change it to the more generic media17:53
sepenor something similar17:53
sepenmaybe install media17:54
jaegeruploaded a new diff, iso-testmedia-2.diff, with minor aesthetic changes18:00
sepennice, just one thing (if possible) is to change the version number automatically in iso/isolinux/boot.msg18:04
sepenI mean the line starting with 'Welcome to ..'18:06
jaegeryeah, that wouldn't be too hard18:06
jaegerupdating xulrunner on my eee, will test SD when it finishes18:13
sepengonna test it here18:16
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sepenjaeger, worked fine here ;D18:21
sepenjust a little thing which seems my error, alot of shit chars at boot prompt, but I typed enter and it booted succesfully18:22
sepenmaybe something replaced it with sed, by my script in boot.msg18:23
jaegerwhat kind of chars? just random stuff?18:27
jaegervery odd18:28
sepenI can't see the available images menu18:28
sepenjaeger, maybe this line from my stuff? sed -e 's/CD\(-ROM\)*/usbdisk/g' -i $IMG_MNT/boot/syslinux/boot.msg18:28
jaegerIt shouldn't replace if it doesn't find a match18:29
sepenhmm, the pendrive was partitioned in sda and sda1 before I dd'ing it on sda, could be that18:29
sepenI'll try 2 methods, this one with only sda, and later using the one I described in the README, using sda for the boot sector and sda1 for files18:31
sepenbut I'll blank it to 0 partitions before ;D18:31
sepenteK_, why you're moving ports?18:32
sepenoh sorry, I confussed it18:32
sepenscummvm was in opt since 2006 :p18:33
jaegerall my tests have been with an sda1 partition, for what that's worth18:34
jaegerand I just tested SD, worked great there as well18:34
jaegerit looked at sda1 first (internal 4G SSD), sdb1 second (internal 16GB SSD), sdc1 third (SD card)18:34
jaegerso it's doing the correct thing18:35
sepenyeah, it worked fine but I wanted to test the other method which could be easy if you don't have mkfs + syslinux on your system, maybe if you're running a windours host and you have the image for writing it18:36
jaegerwhich other method?18:37
jaegerI've used unetbootin for my USB and SD tests, VirtualBox for the CD tests18:37
sepenif you have the image created18:37
sepenwell, I forgot unetbootin18:38
sepenI'm from the old windouwrs school ;D18:38
jaegerfair enough18:38
sepenjaeger, I talked with thrice` about how nice is your changeset18:39
sepenbut also I like to play (a bit)18:40
sepenimho it would be fine, and maybe enough to update the usb's wiki page, now is easiest to create your own medias18:42
jaegerI have only tested with unetbootin so far, not your script, but if you're confident it's working then fine with me :)18:52
sepenyep, and I always promoted the idea of have usb installations19:00
sepen100% of boxes at office don't have cdrom19:01
jaegerI've never been against it, it just hasn't been a high priority19:05
sepenyeah, but this time I with the iso kernel can't be possible to have it19:06
jaegerI should test the method of replacing only crux.squashfs and initramfs on a vanilla crux-2.6.iso image19:07
sepenwell, I like the idea and also how it is implemented for you ;D19:07
sepenI can't reboot this pc now, maybe tomorrow I'll play again19:08
sepenI'm crosscompiling now for ARM. hehe19:08
sepenpitillo and me purchased two hp jornadas via ebay19:09
sepenfunnnny toys!19:09
sepensepen@j720:~ $ uname -a19:11
sepenLinux j720 2.6.19 #1 Mon Aug 31 15:17:14 UTC 2009 armv4l StrongARM-1110 rev 8 (v4l) HP Jornada 720 GNU/Linux19:11
sepencrux based system + kristoffer's git branch of kernel19:11
jaegerhrmm, it mostly works19:27
jaegerhave to tweak a tiny bit more19:27
jaegerit works except for mounting after switch_root since the fstab still says /dev/cdrom19:32
jaegerand it complains when it tries to load the squashfs and iso9660 modules since the original 2.6 kernel has them builtin19:34
jaegerer, wait, the cdrom stuff does work, I had an older initramfs installed19:37
sepenhmm and the last line?19:37
jaegerI'm gonna try it again with a blank usb to verify I wrote down the right things19:37
jaegerif it's right then the last line won't be correct anymore19:37
sepenjaeger, you don't need to use 'cd' in a line, so yo're using wget -O somelines above19:38
jaegeryeah, I changed it from some cd /mnt/usb lines19:39
jaegerwill remove that19:39
sepenyeah, the init looks for the squash file and there is not need the last line, no?19:39
sepenthe squash does the rest19:39
jaegerI'm testing now, but that should be correct19:39
sepenjaeger, to accelerate tests it would be fine something like: $ sudo rsync -aq --exclude=crux/opt --exclude=crux/xorg /mnt/loop/ /mnt/usb/19:45
jaegerit doesn't bother me, my usb devices are fast :) testing again now19:45
jaegerit works. reload that .txt file and take a look19:45
sepenfdisk rocks! ;D19:46
jaegerindeed :)19:46
jaegerYour script is still nicer than this method, but this method does work if necessary19:47
jaegerand if someone needs to do the same thing in windows, he/she can use unetbootin19:47
sepenjaeger,  my README explains the same method, buy creating the image ready to use it with dd19:48
sepen*err, the script19:48
jaegeryes, I just wanted to try it for myself :)19:48
sepenthe readme does basically the same19:48
jaegersince I like to play19:48
sepenjaeger, could you add some lines to the wiki doc?19:48
sepenme too ;D19:49
sepenor maybe it would be better to create a new one?19:49
sepenif this page is fine (I mean in english and not spanglish) it will be better than to have a script IMHO19:50
jaegerMaybe both should be available19:50
jaegerthe script and "here's how you do it manually"19:50
sepenok, so tomorrow I'll work a bit on it19:51
sepenand thanks for getting the usb method available again ;D19:51
sepenfor sure most people like it, specially for eeepcs, etc.19:51
jaegerno problem, glad to help :)19:52
sepenaround 03:00 here, I'm so tired19:52
jaegeralmost 20:00 here :)19:52
sepenI moved to a highschool for installing 100 sunrise19:53
sepenand a 8u VDI server19:53
sepentoo work at office, usually I'm a developer but today19:53
sepencustomers are changing pc's for thinclients, so the win the power of unmaintenance19:54
sepenoops time to sleep, bye!19:55
jaegertake care19:55
sepenI think my eyes are going to close19:55
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