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nipuLwhat's the opinion on core style maintainance of opt? that way I'd be able to help out without having the responsibility of keeping specific ports working04:12
teK_I understood that that's what opt always was meant to be04:13
teK_who's on opt right now? the guys listed as maintainers on ?04:13
teK_(because I'm not listed)04:13
nipuLwth, i'm not retired!04:14
tilmannipuL: mmh. did you want us to adopt your ports (temporarily?)?04:16
tilmannipuL: "hiatus"?04:17
tilmanteK_: done04:18
nipuLit was mostly because i can't guarantee i could maintain them on a regular basis04:18
nipuLeg, it's been 4 weeks since i touched my multilib repos04:19
tilmannipuL: yeah, i know. you're okay with people adopting your ports for now though?04:19
teK_yay tilman04:20
nipuLmake that 7 weeks04:20
teK_nipuL: it's kinda difficult to keep an eye on ALL ports if there's no shared ck4up.conf or something04:20
nipuLyeah, that's fine. it's not like i have a personal attachment to them04:21
nipuLteK_: the new portdb i'm planning will take care of that04:22
nipuLselected repos will get build,ck4up,prtverify tests04:23
nipuLas well as other nifty features like repo historys, mixed source repos, etc04:26
teK_I agree that an extended 'quality-assurance' for opt would not hurt :)04:27
tilmannipuL: to answer your question: we haven't discussed handling opt in a free-for-all manner (ish) yet04:28
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sepenjaeger, all tests worked for me, sda only and sda + sda1 too06:02
sepenjust I added a sed line to replace CD/media in /etc/motd06:02
sepenan no more shit chars at boot prompt after blank the pendrive06:03
sepenbye! I'll return on sunday06:03
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sepenah!, and with only core packages it fits on around 170MB06:04
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tilmani thnk i'll kill off opt/mpg32107:22
tilmansince mpg123 is free (as in FREE) these days, mpg321 is kind of pointless07:22
mike_ktilman: and what about cptn's pkgutils patches?07:24
tilmanah, crap07:24
tilmanforgot about that again07:24
mike_kold laptop's fan is broken, so I am unable to compile anything big without external noisy fan =P07:27
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Rotwangwhat about adding ithreads support to perl?11:03
jaegerWhat effect does it have in general?11:29
Rotwangit allows you to use threads in perl script11:29
Rotwangperl version of threads11:30
jaegerDoes it cause any problems? Never used it, myself11:30
Rotwangno it does not11:30
jaegerWouldn't bother me, then, though I'm not really a person to ask anymore, hehe11:30
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jaegertilman, jue: Do you two see any reason we could not put these changes into the main ISO sometime in the future?
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tilmanjaeger: doesn't look controversial ;D15:31
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