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sepentilman, ping05:45
sepenxorg/xorg-xf86-video-suncg14 directory not allowed: usr/share/man/, and the same for -suncg3, -suncg6 and -suntcx07:46
sepennipuL, opt/rox ......... invalid Maintainer-header: Lucas Hazel, die dot net dot au07:52
teK_are there any plans for this script to a) be run periodically and automatically and b) blaming the maintainer via e-mail directly? :)07:54
sepentilman, and are there differences between opt/rake and the rake provided in opt/ruby?07:55
sepenteK_, which script?07:56
tilmanopt/rake cna probably be removed now07:56
sepenhmm, note that opt/ruby needs to update the footprint too07:56
sepento site_ruby/1.9 IIRC07:57
teK_sepen: you posted some *.html pages whith reports (per repo) a loooooong time ago07:57
teK_+ those tests should be readily automatable07:57
sepeniirc nipuL is developing something in this area with the new portdb-ng07:58
sepenor maybe I'm wrong?07:58
nipuLwell, it's planned at least08:03
nipuLi was going to spend all day hacking on it, but the kids were home sick today08:04
nipuLboth of them, spewing and shitting everywhere08:04
nipuLfun times08:04
sepennipuL, did you see my 'rox' comment?08:05
nipuLwhat about it?08:06
nipuLi'm on long service leave ;P08:06
sepenyou missed the user part of your mail08:06
sepenlucas at ...08:06
nipuLoh, speaking of maintainer email, when can we ditch the lame "at dot net" notation?08:09
nipuLit's lame and spam bots know about it08:09
sepenwhen Han leaves crux ;D08:10
nipuLwell feel free to fix the rox port, i'm going to bed :)08:11
nipuLgoing to watch ponyo08:12
jaegersaw it last night, pretty entertaining08:13
teK_nipuL: should be one sed + one large commit per repo :]08:15
nipuLand on that note08:16
tilmanlet's replace at with foo and dot with bar08:17
sepenwhy Han Boetes is not in this list?
aonbecause he never a >=opt member?08:32
tilmanhe was mostly kicking and screaming iirc08:34
nipuLthe vocal minority08:34
aon(not that many people on that page were either, though, afaik)08:34
aon(but they didn't tell us to go fuck ourselves over a minor change in package email addressing)08:34
aonyou can set up a memorial page on the public wiki :D08:35
teK_someone paid me a virtual beer when I posted the log from #crux when han left the channel :>08:35
aoni wonder if windows virtual server works at all with linux08:36
sepenteK_, and whereis this log? I've a some virtual ones too08:36
aoni'm a bit sick and tired of xampp08:36
teK_sepen: copy and paste back then, sorry :]08:36
sepenjaeger, are you still a contrib maintainer? some ports have a missing dependency: x11 for quake4, clamav, nwn-diamond and teamspeak2-client, at least they need s/x11/xorg-libx11/09:27
sepenteK_, contrib/menumaker ........ directory not allowed: usr/info/09:29
sepenteK_, and be aware of missing dependencies, you have some ports with deps out of core, opt, xorg, and/or contrib09:31
teK_sepen: feel free to mail me the report at tek@serverop.de09:32
teK_I'll be glad to fix these issues09:32
sepenteK_, I've an updated report in my report's page09:33
sepenanyways I'll send you a mail09:33
jaegersepen: I know mine need an update, yeah, just haven't had the time yet09:37
jaegerthough menumaker isn't mine09:37
teK_sepen: thx09:44
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sepensorry, the boss were here, we're implementing quarentine (for spam+antivirus) on our mailappliances10:46
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nipuL:\ we need automated build boxes, like freebsd's tinderbox system18:54
jaegerI imagine that could be assembled without too much trouble19:29
jaegerI could devote some vmware cycles to it or something19:29
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nipuLi was thinking a distributable app that devs could install, then some sort of communication channel where portdbng could request build tests and build boxes could return results20:45
jaegerI'll be happy to help test it20:53
nipuLwell it will be a while off, just trying to get a basic clone of the original working today20:54
jaegerfair enough20:54

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