IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2009-09-22

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sepennipuL, portdbng +101:08
sepenI'll glad to help test too01:08
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tilmanjaeger-: your usb patch for iso.git doesn't look too controversial04:40
sepenteK_, you should regenerate the memumaker port or at least edit the footprint by hand to remove the usr/info issue05:59
pitillosudo sh make_usbdisk crux-2.6.iso crux.squashfs initramfs06:00
pitilloarf, sorry06:00
teK_sepen: will have a look tonight06:09
jaeger-tilman: ok, I can upload it at some point today. perhaps I should make a separate branch for the test stuff08:11
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tilmanjaeger: the CUSTOMVERSION=testmedia should probably not go into the master branch i guess08:18
jaegeryes, I try not to put customversion tags in there permanently :)08:19
jaegerI think this particular changeset is mature enough for a release but for other things yeah08:20
tilmanjaeger: did jue ack the patch, too?08:21
tilmanboth of you guys are much more familiar with the iso-building stuff than me08:21
tilmannot sure how useful i can be reviewing your patches ;D08:22
jaegerI don't know that he's looked at it yet08:27
jaegerI'm not in any rush, though08:28
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jaegerI need to finally convert my svn stuff to git13:12
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