IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2009-09-30

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pitillothe door is at the end on the right?06:27
rehabdollits marked 10106:28
* tilman performs a magic trick:13:02
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aon wtf15:00
teK_no money:)15:03
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jaegerhow often does the portdb get updated?15:40
* Rotwang once afaik15:40
jaegerlooks like every morning at 715:42
jaegerwhich is good enough for me, going to remove my local portspage index in favor of the portdb15:43
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jaegergit question: if the .gitconfig is the same in both cases (, does it matter at all which underlying unix user does the commit/push? as far as I can tell the answer is no but someone's welcome to correct me if that's wrong18:25
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* jaeger prepares to break git by pushing a new branch22:16
jaegeryay, I don't think I broke anything22:18
nipuLi find as long as you branch before doing anything it's hard to break git, unless you''re trying to do silly things like rewriting history22:32
jaegeryeah, nothing so crazy... I just branched system/iso.git 2.6 to 2.6-newmedia and pushed it back22:35
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