IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2009-10-05

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sepenI'd like to adopt qt4? is anyone against?08:44
sepenor at least I'd like to update it08:45
jaegerIs it unmaintained?08:48
sepeniirc cptn was the maintainer08:49
sepenI'm maintaining arora so I think qt4 would be nice for me too08:50
jaegerhrmm, look like it was08:51
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juejaeger: I saw your changes to iso.git, but didn't looked deeper in it. Does a iso produced with it works again with sepen's iso-to-usbstick script?10:47
jaegerI think it would, I haven't tried it myself. it does work with unetbootin and my convert notes (that were based on sepen's work)10:48
jueok, thanks10:53
sepenit worked fine forme10:53
jaegergood :)10:54
juesepen: do you mind updating the wiki page?10:54
jaegerOver the weekend I started modifying the Makefile to build an image as well as the ISO10:54
jaegerShould have that done sometime soon10:55
sepenI wrote this a week ago or so, sorry for the bad english ;D10:56
sepenjue, and yes I've in mind to update the wiki page10:58
juejaeger: the iso from is build with the new stuff?10:59
jaegerjue: yes10:59
juesepen: could you try to convert that one, please?11:00
sepenoh no idea about this updated-crux-iso, yes I'll try when arrived to home11:00
jueI mean with your old script11:01
sepenjust now it's time to leave out the office11:02
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juejaeger: having both, image and ISO, is a good thing, but I'd like it if we have a script that makes it simple to convert from ISO to something else11:08
jaegerI don't see any reason NOT to have the script as well11:10
jueyeah :)11:11
jaegerbut if you think there's a reason not to bother generating an image in the Makefile I'll ditch those changes11:11
juedefinitely no11:12
jueI like it, it's a improvement and probably more important to have an image than a ISO in the future11:16
jaegermaybe so, good to have options :)11:18
rehabdollyeah. id prefer a usb-image over a iso anyday11:26
rehabdollespecially on my eeepc :>11:26
jueyeah, but most of the older boxes cannot boot from usb11:27
teK_what's the recommended 64bit falvour of crux?16:09
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mike_k_teK_: self created, maybe. you know, NIH.17:28
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