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teK_mike_k: that's sad05:11
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jaegerteK_: if you want pure, rehabdoll's; if you want multilib, nipul's08:13
sepentilman, I recently created a new 2.6 branch for xfce.git08:14
sepenI started to push my changes on it, and now going to edit pdbcacher, I think it's all done, but the shortlog in gitweb is still pointing to 2.508:22
sepenany idea? iirc it happened the same sometime ago when we started contrib-2.5. no?08:23
sepentilman, could you prepare /home/crux/git-to-rsync-working-copy/crux-2.6/xfce when having sometime?08:28
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juehi sepen11:56
sepenjue, the script is working now with both isos11:56
juecool :-)11:56
sepenbut you need to download some extra files from jaeger's site for the official one11:57
juebut not for his -updated iso?11:58
sepenit works fine for crux-2.6-updated.iso11:58
jueyep, that's great11:59
juebtw, I've just updated our timeline and gitweb wrt xfce11:59
sepenahh, thanks12:00
tilmansepen: done, i think :) try pushing stuff to xfce/2.612:02
juesepen: I just saw that I'm still listed as the owner of the xfce repo, ok if I change that to you?12:02
sepentilman, I'm preparing more xfce stuff to push, ok12:03
sepenjue, it's ok to me12:03
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sepentilman, it worked, thanks ;D12:15
mike_ksepen, tilman: what about adding a symlink like /usr/lib/xulrunner/plugins/ -> /usr/lib/firefox/plugins/ ? and xulrunner will need one more link: /usr/lib/xulrunner-$version -> /usr/lib/xulrunner12:19
mike_kthis way any firefox plugins can be added to xulrunner too12:20
mike_kfor example, rssowl newsreader needs it12:20
sepenmike_k, how many ports will be involved?12:23
mike_keach firefox plugin might install the symlink or not. and xulrunner will need that un-versioned directory link.12:24
mike_kshould I go bureaucratic way and submit a ticket? =)12:25
sepenjue, I found some curious results with ck4up ->
sepenmike_k, I prefer so, and more people could test and contribute to find a solution12:26
sepenmike_k, or wait for a tilman response12:27
* mike_k waits12:28
mike_kI doubt there are any caveats, in fact.12:28
tilman/usr/lib/xulrunner-$version ->  /usr/lib/xulrunner -- sure, why not12:29
tilmani don't use any firefox plugins, so i cannot comment on the other patr12:29
sepen+1 for the tilman part12:29
sepenI'd like to test the other part on a box12:30
mike_ktilman: that symlink is the only thing I want from you =)12:31
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mike_kif that will work (and it should) every nice ff plugin maintainer should intall a link to xulrunner or ever vice-verca: install an .so to xulrunner and symlink to the ff.12:33
sepenwhat about this actuall symlink? /usr/bin/xulrunner -> /usr/lib/xulrunner-
sepen /usr/bin/xulrunner -> /usr/lib/xulrunner/xulrunner ?12:34
sepenmike_k, you mean that firefox-flash-plugins dependencies will change from firefox to xulrunner?12:35
mike_kthe second one seems useless12:35
sepenah no, sorry I misread12:37
mike_kmike_k: ff depends on xulrunner anyway. no they should not change. I just think it makes more sense to install plugin itself into xulrunner dir, and symlink to ff dir.12:37
sepen^^ yep12:37
mike_kthough, I'd keep /etc/ untouched12:38
sepenmike_k, what about xulrunner-devel-$version stuff?12:39
mike_kone more symlink should not hurt? :P12:40
mike_kfor the sake of consistency12:40
sepenmike_k, imho its ok the second part too12:41
mike_ksepen: yes, that is it.12:48
mike_kI'll adjust my firefox-djvu-plugin as soon as (and if) xulrunner will change12:48
mike_ksepen: oh, you maintain the java plugin too =)12:49
mike_kthat's the only 3 plugins found in portdb12:49
mike_ktilman: sorry, did you happen to forget about cptn's pkgutils patches?12:53
mike_kI've mailed an updated version to that old ml thread12:55
sepenmike_k, or ?12:58
mike_kas long as java dir is a persistent symlink - the first variant is more straightforward13:00
sepenmike_k, yeah, I think so too, I'll push my changes when xulrunner be updated, thanks for the report13:01
tilmanmike_k: yes i did :((13:01
mike_ktilman: np, better spend time organising real life after your move =)13:02
* tilman goes looking for food13:03
mike_ksepen: np, I am just making some noise. this is you guys who do the real job13:04
sepenI like noise ;D13:04
* mike_k tries to launch secondlife as intel driver now works again13:05
sepenthe most important is to have enough time per day IMHO13:05
mike_kjust second try ever13:08
sepenjue, it's really curious
sepenjue, ^^ see the last block, how numbers are sorted13:09
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juesepen: sorry, was a bit busy14:41
juesepen: remove the regexp and save the output of ck4up -d into a file, you'll see that they have 3 different servers and one sorts the files differently14:45
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